Heroes: Patch 3.2.0 Rundown!

Today at 3:00AM UTC, Fire Emblem Heroes updated to Patch 3.2.0, adding some new content and making some changes to various things.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s gone down:

  • Dragonflowers have been added
  • Heroic Ordeals have been added
  • Merge Allies is being expanded
  • Sharena’s Hero Introductions have been added
  • Aether Raids has been updated
  • New weapon skills and weapons to refine
  • Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails
  • Prayer Wheel changes
  • And more

Read on to get more details!


Dragonflowers have been added

First off, some new items have been added.

(I)nfantry, (A)rmour, (C)avalry, and (F)lier Dragonflowers

These Dragonflowers are new inventory items, and are used to increase the stats of Heroes. Red = infantry, green = armour, yellow = cavalry, and blue = flier.

Allies can be upgraded with Dragonflowers up to 5 or 10 times in total, earning a point in each stat for each upgrade. The points are distributed from top to bottom, so in order of HP, Atk, Spd, Def,then Res.

Infantry allies (before v.3.2.0) can be upgraded 10 times (gaining 2 points per stat in total) while armoured, cavalry and flying allies can be upgraded 5 times (gaining 1 point per stat in total).

The cost to upgrade rises after every upgrade applied. For infantry allies, the Dragonflower costs are: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 110, 140, 170, 200 – A total of 860 Dragonflowers to apply all upgrades.
For cavalry, armoured and fliers, the costs are: 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 – Totaling 600 Dragonflowers.

Due to the way the extra stats are applied, units that benefit most from Atk and Spd are at the most advantageous because they will not need to have the later, more expensive Dragonflower upgrades applied. Defense-oriented units will require more investment. But I’m sure most of us will completely upgrade our favourite units, regardless of their best traits! I know both my Ninos will be getting the full treatment.

The costs are high, but these are not intended to be quick and easy upgrades. Right now we can earn some each week from Aether Raids and from the new Heroic Ordeals mode (see below), but I’m sure more avenues for Dragonflowers will begin showing up as time goes on. We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can upgrade your units with Dragonflowers from the Ally Growth menu.


Heroic Ordeals have been added

This is a new game mode, available within the Story Maps menu. Every Hero within the game has their own unique map and enemies to defeat. Pair your primary unit with any ally and defeat at least 2 enemies with the primary unit to obtain the Dragonflower rewards.

Click to enlarge

Heroes released during Book 1 will reward you with 2 Dragonflowers. Book 2 Heroes will give 8 Dragonflowers. Book 3 Heroes will give 40 Dragonflowers. Once a Hero has completed their Ordeal, you will not be able to earn the reward again. Those allies will go to the bottom of the list with a medal icon attached.

Click to enlarge

Heroes who you used to own but no longer do (e.g. you used them for fodder, sent them home, turned them into manuals, etc.) will also appear at the bottom of the list with a big fat red X icon attached. This means that they are unable to complete their Heroic Ordeals because you no longer own them.


Merge Allies has been expanded

As revealed a while back, Merge Allies has been improved upon.

Essentially, any unit that has received at least one merge will no longer have a “Flawed” stat (or “bane,” as we’ve come to unofficially know them as up to now). This includes all rarities; even a 3 or 4-Star Hero will have their flaw stat neutralised if you merge another copy of them into it, whether it was -3 or -4 lower than neutral.

Legendary Eirika’s neutral HP at level 40 is 38. If merged once, she would gain +4 HP plus her regular 2 stat gains for the merge. So in total, +5 HP and +1 Spd.

Also, a Hero with no Asset or Flaw (neutral) will instead receive 3 points distributed evenly between their 3 highest level 1 stats.

New Year Laegjarn is neutral. She would gain +3 stats distributed evenly between her 3 best stats on top of the regular +2 stats gained for the merge. If merged, she would gain +2 HP, +2 Spd, +1 Def.

Of course, Heroes who were already merged before this update will automatically have these changes applied to them. Go through your merged units and check out their fresh new stats.

As you may have noticed in the Eirika example above, you are now able to see your units’ assets and flaws by way of colour. Flawed stats show up in red, while assets are blue. Very convenient to the point that it may even kill off some “IV Finder” applications. Oops? You can find the option to turn this new feature on in Settings.


Sharena’s Hero Introductions have been added

Within the Summon menu, you are now able to click on “About Heroes” where you will be directed to a website which features information about the Heroes, called “Meet some of the heroes.” The website doesn’t have a lot of featured Heroes yet, but it will continue to expand as time goes on.

The character pages feature simplistic yet cute images to accommodate the text, telling us a little about their past, friendships, and ideals. Visit the site and check it out for yourself.


Aether Raids has been updated

First of all: New tiers above Tier 21:

Click to enlarge

Since Tier 21 will slowly but surely become more and more saturated, it’s probably a good idea to give players already in T21 something to try aiming for each week. Everyone in T21 and above is still reset to 11,000 Lift every week however, so these Tiers are not longterm goals by any means.

Aether costs have been adjusted. You can no longer play for free once a day. However, the total cost for a run has been halved (new equation is 9 + Lift / 200 [rounded up]) and capped at 50 Aether per run. If you were in the higher tiers of Aether Raids, you’ll know all about the costly amounts of Aether needed to perform a run. Some days, you couldn’t even do anything else besides the free run.

As well as this, the amount of Aether gained from destroying resources has been halved (new equation is 2 + Lift / 1000 [rounded down]), and is capped at 10. So if you’re like me and weren’t making a real effort of targeting the enemy resources often, you will be less affected than those who almost always did destroy the resources.

Certain Aether Raid maps – namely Spring Breeze and Lava Floes – have been adjusted due to their overwhelming popularity. Attacking players can now gain more of an advantage vs opponents on these maps.

When Auto Setup is used, the current season’s Legendary Heroes will now take precedence in map placement. This probably means that Legendary Heroes who have a bonus that season will be fielded.

Also worthy of note is that this season will last from today until 11th of February, 11:00PM UTC. You have only 5 days to reach your desired tier instead of the usual 7 days. Good luck!


New weapons skills and weapons to refine have been added

The following image shows us the new weapons and their refines:

Click to enlarge. Thanks to Reddit user ZXLucario for compiling all the screenshots into one image.

Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

If you have been waiting patiently for merges to your Winter Cecilia or New Years Laegjarn, the wait is over.

Extra 4-Star copies of Cecilia: Festive Instructor and Laegjarn: New Experiences are finally available to be unlocked with your Heroic Grails.


Prayer Wheel changes

As was covered a while back, Prayer Wheel has now received a buff as a result of a bug that is now being turned into a feature. You can read the previous article for more information.

“Deal with it.”

Other changes

  • Brazilian Portuguese can now be chosen in Change Language.
  • In the Catalogue of Heroes, the chibi units of certain Heroes now come quipped with their exclusive staves.


Future changes

Within an update due for March, the number of skills that can be transferred from ally to ally via Inherit Skill will increase from three to four.

That would be it for the 3.2.0 update. Until next time, turrah!


About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • 3-13 Archer

    Seeing my -def Zelgius with 39 def and my -atk Grima with 37 atk is one of the most beautiful things in this game.
    The IV applications might be useful since the bane is unmarked after the merge, leaving only the boon.
    The dragonflowers system is bs and only tries to urge players to spend orbs in the most recent units, since obtaining them later will result in less dragonflowers.

    • Sisyphe

      Agreed. Really good point. The dragonflowers aren’t a meaningful improvement and reducing the number you get over time is insulting. In fact, it runs counter to the reason why most people would want dragonflowers: to upgrade older units. Were they having trouble incentivizing people to pull on recent banners? I’d find that hard to believe, but even if so, what an absurd way to attempt to improve that

      • Kneekicker

        I mean, it’s really not that big of a deal since Book II ran for about a year so Book III and subsequent Books (if any) will probably run for a similar amount of time. That means an entire year to pull Heroes from the most recent book, and spooks are fairly common compared to other games.

        The only thing really wrong about this is that Book I and Book II Heroes reward far too little dragonflowers in comparison to Book III. I feel like it’d be more fair if they rewarded 20 and 30 respectively, meaning a 10 dragonflower increase for Heroes of each subsequent book. I’d even have settled for 10 and 20, but 2 and 8 is cheap.

        • Sisyphe

          You know, I didn’t realize they were scoring them by year/book. If that remains the case, I agree with you. I’d also add that a simple +1 to each stat is hardly anything to be so stingy about

    • jimbobvii

      I mean, the whole point of the game (from a business perspective) is to get players to keep spending money on new units. It’s the same reason dragonflowers don’t impact Arena scoring – if older characters were actually competitively viable, there would be less incentive for players to whale for new units.

      • That last part may be a bit of an overstatement. My main team and most of the other ones consist mainly of first gen units, and I’m in upper echelons of both arena and aether raids. Naturally they have inherited skills, but that’s a given.

  • mrkisukes

    Every feature and mode IS has introduced recently has been one step forward, and two steps back. I’m all for long term investments, but the amount of time needed to get enough dragonflowers to unpowercreep an older unit is too long.

    • And at the same time, those same flowers can be used to make already potent units like Ophelia even more crazy. Terribly thought out on their part.

      • mrkisukes

        That was the first thing I noticed, “only infantry get the +10?” There are tons of units in the flier and horse unit types like Subaki or Cain who desperately need the help in against the BST powercreep.