Heroes: Greil’s Devoted Banner & Paralogue Now Available!

Four new Special Heroes are ready to charm their way into the hearts of Fire Emblem Heroes players! Spend some orbs on the Greil’s Devoted Banner for special Valentine’s Day versions of Greil, Mist, Ike, and Soren. Check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a skill breakdown.

You can also see all four of these heroes in action in the Greil’s Devoted Paralogue. They appear alongside an additional Valentine-themed Titania, who will also be available as an upcoming Tempest Trials unit. The story is a a sweet one, with Ike and Mist able to reunite with their father once again.

In addition to the banner and paralogue, we also get a new Log-In Bonus and Lunatic Quests. Furthermore, if you’d like a few more Orbs to summon for these heroes, the February Orb Promo is available now as well. For the usual price, you can get 21 Orbs and 60 Sacred Coins.

The Greil’s Devoted banner and quests will be available for one month, ending on 8 March. Best of luck adding some devoted heroes to your team!

Additionally, the Heroes 2nd Anniversary is still going strong. Today’s free banner is based on Ephraim & Myrrh’s BHB and contains 5★ focus units for Anamnesis Eirika, Ephraim, and Myrrh. Today is also the final day for the Find and Vote Heroes mini-game, so make sure you’re submitting your votes!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Oh nice, snagged a Greil in my free summon. I’ll probably pass over his axe to Sheema though.

  • CombatMagi

    Spent all 250 of my Orbs really wanting all 4 of them since I’m a PoR sucker got Ike early, 3 Greil’s and then Soren right at the very end. However along the way I got chain broke with a male Grima a couple orbs after my second Greil so not to upset, but I was upset by the Ishtar (broke a large streak), 2 Nailahs (TBH I wasn’t even after her in her banner and I got her there too) and a god damn Libra. Guess I will try again later on after I build more orbs or just wait for her to pop up in a mythic or legendary hero Banner so at least the chains don’t break.

    • Reuska

      Same starting point, got Soren and Ike quite early, then Siegbert breaking an ugly rate but second Ike came right after that. And second last summon was Deirdre. So I am kinda disappointed with the unit count and two pitybreakers that I won’t use TnT

      However, then I bought the February orbs to give it a try and got a fricking ZELGIUS. And then I collected five orbs from Water Garden and Greil came. Now I would really use second Greil as fodder for my Spring Alfonse and that Mist ♥

      And hear me, I am far from being a PoR sucker but they have fricking Slav outfits ♥

    • Sisyphe

      250 orbs isn’t really considered enough to get all four of them. It’s generally said that 100-120 will get you one focus unit. So you actually had a very good rate overall. That said, I’m very jealous of your haul