Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam: New S16 Cards, S17 Art, & S18 Announcement!

This past Saturday, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted the Cipher Winter 2019 Livesteam live over NicoNico and YouTube! The stream also featured two Voice Actor guests: Jun Fukuyama (Roy, Innes) and Minami Takahashi (Peri, Alice). As always, it was a treat for Cipher and Fire Emblem Fans of all types.

After the stream, the @fecipher twitter team also revealed digital versions of 3 new SR cards from the stream: Celica, Sanaki, & Dieck!

Celica’s SR card has two different versions, each featuring different artwork by Sencha. This version of Sanaki’s SR is actually a special gold foil version signed by her VA, Mai Nakahara. Finally, Dieck’s SR forms the second part of the large Elibean joined-art teased during the last time. He gets to wield the Thunder Axe, Armads.

Many more cards from S16 were shown off during the stream as well. We also got to see our first look at artwork for June’s S17, and heard our first news for September’s S18! Click on the Read More to see further details and images.

Series 16 Card Reveals

As expected, the lion’s share of card reveals went to Binding Blade, which is the leading title of the set. In addition to the Dieck SR shown above, we also got our first look at many more FE6 cards including: (another card for) Dieck, Shanna, Dorothy, Klein, Clarisse, Lalum, Hugh, and Saul.

Most of these cards are base cards. However, Dorothy and Saul are shown in both their unpromoted and promoted classes. Furthermore, all of these cards are N/HN cards as well, except Lalum who gets an R foil.

Both Shadows of Valentia and Radiant Dawn also got more card reveals in addition to the SRs above. From Valentia comes new cards for Atlas, Boey, Mae, and Genny. Both Atlas and Boey get unpromoted and promoted cards, the former promoting into a Baron and the latter overclassed as a Guru in an R foil card.

From Tellius, we get new cards for Altina, Nephenee, Sigurn, and Tanith. @fecipher also revealed a digital, text-free version of Altina’s art! Of these, only Nephenee is the one with multiple cards, including a promoted R foil.

Heroes finished up the reveals with only a single new card, this one for Líf, one of the newest antagonists in Book III. He’s shown here alongside Eir’s card that was revealed last week.

Series 16 Booster Box Goodies & Release Promotion

As usual, S16 will come with an assortments of promotion goodies included in booster boxes as well as a release promotional item. For the booster boxes, our preview promos for the next set feature Marth and Lucina. These cards are colourless cards and feature their original Cipher art from S1, instead of original game art.

Additionally, each card features more Cipher lords in the background! See who you can spot. These lords also use Cipher art based on their original set appearances.

Both the Marker Cards and Promo Sleeves are similar to the ones included in S15. The Marker Cards will be holographic versions of the Tiki and Nowi chibi art from their Cipher Sai promos. The promo sleeves use pixel art of Roy and Celica.

The livestream hosts also showed off the special release promotional goodies that will come out with S16! This time around, Cipher buyers can get up to three different Sticker Packs. Each one comes with two sheets of stickers featuring Cipher artwork. Presumably, AmiAmi will be honouring these promotions once again.

Series 17 Details & Arts

Towards the end of the stream, we got some more news for the upcoming Series 17. S17 is a very ambitious set which will feature cards and characters from every single Fire Emblem game!

Furthermore, S17 will also include a Starter Deck alongside the booster series! We also got official titles for both and a formal release day. S17 will be released on 27 June.

Booster Pack: The Advance of All Heroes (英雄総進軍)
Starter Deck: Warriors of Bonds (絆の戦士たち篇)

Kawade also showed off a large variety of new artwork from the set, including characters from many different games: Marth, Eliwood, Ike, Lucina, Navarre, Keaton, Ayra, Tiki, Devdan, Elise, and Sakura.

The Chrom artwork shown next to Lucina’s art might look familiar to you. This is not new artwork, but is instead the art used for Chrom’s ST exclusive art from all the way back in S1. Kawade showed it off next to Lucina to showcase that Lucina’s art was drawn as a parallel to the older Chrom card.

If you look closely at the joined-art for Elise and Sakura, you may also see some other characters in the background! All of the ladies featured in these cards are little sisters from throughout the Fire Emblem series.

We also got to see two more in-progress artworks for other characters. I’m not sure who they’re supposed to be, but the second one looks similar to Kaze.

The last piece of S17 artwork is another in-progress artwork. This art of Lucina will be used for the promotional card that will be available at May’s FE Expo.

Series 18 Announcement & Closing

Finally, our stream hosts also made a formal announcement for Series 18! S18 will be our late-summer set and will likely release in late September.

The three titles featured in S18 are:

S18 will also include another Starter Deck as well! Though not specifically stated, the ST Deck will likely focused on 3H.

Shortly after this announcement, the livestream came to a close. Our team will be back on 16 March for the S16 pre-release livestream before release.

Big thanks go to Kizuna’s Cipher Blog for providing the screencaps I used for this stream’s article.

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