Heroes: 2nd Anniversary Heroes Banner and “War of the Tacticians” Voting Gauntlet banners are live

First and foremost, the “Summon Select Heroes” event is now live!

Myrrh: Spooky Monster, Azura: Vallite Songstress, Lyn: Lady of the Wind, and Duma: God of Strength are all available for the free summon. Which you will get is completely random, and they will also come with assets and flaws.

Pick up your free random Hero, then the banner will become a regular banner with a 3% appearance rate on the four focus Heroes. The banner begins today, and will end on the 4th of March, 6:59am UTC. Be sure to pick up your free Hero before the end!

With the 2nd Anniversary hype dying down (was it really alive?), we now have a Voting Gauntlet to look forward to. Enter the “War of the Tacticians!”

Two banners have gone live today, with 7 of the Heroes participating spread between them. The Voting Gauntlet will begin on the 28th of February, 7:00am UTC, and will end on the 6th of March, 3:59am UTC.

Set A (on the left) features only 5-star exclusive Heroes, while Set B has two 3-4-Star Heroes, one 4-5-Star Hero, and one 5-Star exclusive Hero. Going green statistically has a better chance of granting a 5-Star Hero in both banners for your free summon, if you have no intention of using Orbs here. The banners end on the 6th of March, 6:59am UTC.

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • VanguardRaven

    Of course, I ended up with free Spd Tactics fodder – the only unit I already owned of the 4. Then I spent 200 of my saved Orbs getting what I actually wanted (Legendary Azura). But I did manage to pick up Fort Def/Res fodder and a +Res Effie, which I’d been looking for, along the way. So, not a complete disappointment.

    Also got spooked by my first Silas coming in at 4*.

    • Mason Klaus

      Tch, lucky you. I wanted Lyn and got Azura instead, a -ATK one at that. This anniversary is absolute crap cause I doubt anyone else has gotten who they actually wanted and got who they didn’t want, not to mention the free 5*s have possible boon/banes on them and aren’t neutral like they honestly should be. And I already ditched Azura in favor of giving Aerobatics to my Ceada cause I didn’t want Azura, she was -ATK anyways (yes I know she’s a dancer but there are times a dancer’s gonna get attacked, in fact the AI makes that priority along with attacking healers, so they need some attack in order to not only fend off their attacker but also ko said attacker and not get koed if they are slow enough to get doubled) and Ceada is paired with foot Regular!Marth so this helps her keep near him for the support boost.

      • VanguardRaven

        Luck is subjective. In this case, we were both unlucky on the free summon.

        • Mason Klaus

          Eh true. Just really wish they hadn’t gone the golden orb route where its impossible to know which one is the color you wanted like with the brave characters. Makes it a lot easier, everyone is happy with who they got and no one’s unhappy about getting the least wanted character (in this case L!Lyn).

  • ImOnFire!

    Hot damn, managed to get Myrrh, the unit I actually voted for. The game was really kind to me today…
    She’s -Atk, but I already missed her three times in the past so I don’t really mind.

    • James Richardson III

      I got Myrrh, too! She’s -Spd though, but I absolutely love this character!

  • dmurr

    I wish they would’ve just given us a choice. It feels like a slap in the face to have us vote for characters and then have the one you get be random. My favorite character won the vote, but I didn’t get her.

  • CombatMagi

    I like many Failed to get what I actually wanted which was Azura and I got a Duma which I already had due to his banners free summon I really wish they did give us the option

  • 3-13 Archer

    Not bad at all: a -res +atk Azura. I’m still thinking wether to use her or not, she’s too unfair and I try to not contribute the cancer.

    By the way, has anyone else had a glitch with Palne’s GHB? Her art didn’t appear with the dialogue and both the event and map music kept playing. My poor ears.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I got Duma from the Anniversary Banner, I got Adrift Male Corrin from the Voting Gauntlet A banner and I got Innes from the Voting Gauntlet B banner. I cannot complain, despite I already having all 3 heroes. At least I got them with better IVs and I can nullify the banes/flaws.

  • mrkisukes

    I drew the short straw

  • PhychoMeows

    I got Azura, I did want Duma but at least I didn’t have her yet. I already had the other two so getting a new unit was 50%

  • Ihadurka

    I got the one hero that i absolutely hated……immediately sent him off once i finished all my draws…….I hate duma