Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe

Another BHB has made its way back to Fire Emblem Heroes! When you have the time, check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe in the Special Maps menu.

If you weren’t able to beat these maps previously, now’s a great time to give it a go. Regardless, this Revival version also comes with a series of quests as well! Use Anna, Fjorm, and Cavalry heroes to complete the maps and earn up to 5 additional Orbs. Check full details in the Quests and Missions menu in-game.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah & Sothe will be around for a bit less than a week, ending on 11 March.

Don’t forget, today is also the final day of the final round of the current Voting Gauntlet! As I type, Soren and Female Morgan are still hotly contesting the winner’s spot. May the best tactician win!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • theonepeasant22

    Micaiah is one of my favorite units to use on feh (I use her as anti-Lyn). And haven’t played Radiant Dawn, but I’m also a fan of her design.