Heroes: Rutger Grand Hero Battle is Live!

The final piece of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade‘s current round of bi-annual Heroes content is now in place.

Rutger: Lone Swordsman is now available for you to challenge and obtain for yourselves. There are three difficulties – Hard, Lunatic, Infernal – with one copy of Rutger available from each difficulty, plus 2,000 Feathers on Infernal.

His 5-Star level 40 stats are: HP 44, Atk 32, Spd 39, Def 29, Res 24. He is currently the fastest GHB/TT+ reward unit to date, and puts Lon’qu to shame with the same speed and -1 HP, yet +3 Atk, +7 Def,.and +2 Res. At least our Lonk can eat more Dragonflowers…?

Rutger also comes with Slaying Edge+, Vengeance, Atk/Def Bond 3, and Vantage 3. Atk/Def Bond 3 is available at 4-Stars.

The GHB begins today, and will come to a close on the 20th of March, 6:59am UTC.

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • 100%B-Type

    Thank you very much and Good Bye until maybe next year FE6!

    • 3-13 Archer

      And still not a single Marcus. Oh well, let’s wait until a FE7 banner and see if they include him. He’s the Jagen of two games, dang it.

      • Marcus is more of an Oifey in FE7 though. Regardless, I hope to see him in the game as well. It’s probable that we’ll get a FE7 banner this year.

  • Gentleman Jaggi

    Isnt it about time for a new event calendar?

    • Didn’t we get one just yesterday?