Three Houses: Theme Song with Official English Lyrics

Not to be outdone by Nintendo Japan sharing the longer version of Three Houses‘s main theme song, the Western Nintendo branches just released their version with English lyrics.

Nintendo of Europe mentions that this song will be available in the Sound Selection USB that comes with their limited edition. Considering it’s also available in Japan’s soundtrack CD, it’s nigh guaranteed to be included in the North American soundtrack too.

If you’re interested, some of our forum members–Michelaar, Enduin and SageOfAnys–all worked independently to try and transcribe the lyrics. You can compare them with the translated Japanese lyrics as well.

Reach for my hand, I’ll soar away
Into the dawn, oh I wish I could stay
Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days
I fear the edge of dawn, knowing time betrays
Faint lights pass through coloured glass, in this beloved place
Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face
As joy surrounds, comfort abounds, and I can feel I’m breaking free
For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me
Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become
My blackened heart, scorched by flames of force I can’t run from
I look to you like a red rose seeking the sun no matter where it goes
I long to stay where the light dwells, to guard against the cold that I know so well

Update: Revised one of the lines after receiving feedback.

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  • Theroonco

    Now I really want to know whose POV this is being sung from. I hope it’s a well-written character because this makes me feel sorry for them…

    • Zog58

      I think the very reason they are keeping the song title from us is because of this. Which is good, I like it when there are things we have to infer ourselves when the time comes.

  • mrkisukes

    What’s up with the obnoxious dubstep in this song? I loved Lost in Thoughts and Heritors of Arcadia and the all the different arrangements, but this song is ass. It’s a shame since the lyrics are good, it’s just the accompaniment, so hopefully we get a better rendition in game.

  • vanguard333

    Wow; this song sounds good. From the lyrics, it sounds like a person I talking about a particular moment of peace and joy, and they’re lamenting that it is inevitably going to end, and they can’t even truly enjoy this moment because of something about them or something they’ve done.

    One thing I find interesting is the imagery: Curiously, rather than the typical imagery of a storm or a sunset coming to indicate that the good time is running out, the song goes with the edge of dawn; i.e. sunrise to get the same idea across, when dawn is normally used to indicate that good times are coming soon; they’re just on the horizon. It’s interesting. What do you guys think?

  • Any clues on who the singer is?