Heroes: New Power banner now available

This New Power banner contains units who have recently received new weapons and refines for their 5-Star variants.

Klein (Argent Bow), Sophia (Eternal Tome), Delthea (Dark Aura), and Sonya (Dark Excalibur), are summonable as focus units for this banner. You can read more about their new skills in a previous news post.

This Summoning Focus is available now, and will end on the 24th of March, 6:59am UTC. This is a good time to summon for Sonya if you want her. As for the other three, that just depends on whether or not you value your Feathers more than your Orbs.

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • Zog58

    Hey Raven, I just wanted to point out that Delthea is also 5 star exclusive like Sonya and also has “worth” for pulling on this banner, unlike Klein and Sophia.

    I understand you may have not meant to infer that she is not worth pulling for, just that the line about Sonya is not exclusive to her.

  • 100%B-Type

    Even without merges, my Delthea (A+R-) is so much stronger now thanks to her refine~
    I wait for the days to get pitybroken by her! (please not on a Micaiah Banner!)