Cipher Series 16 Pre-Release Livestream: New Cards & S17 Art!

On Saturday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held the Cipher Series 16 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! Ryota Kawade, Young, and Juri Kimura were our hosts.

As usual, the stream primarily focused on showing off more cards for S16, which comes out this week! We also got a look at some upcoming promos, lots of art for S17, and also a look at some merch. Check out everything below!

New S16 Set Cards

Much of the presentation was devoted to opening packs and showing off cards from the set. Most excitingly, Kawade revealed the final SR for the set: Melady! She comes wielding Maltet and also appears in the large joined-art. It looks like we’ll only be getting 5 Legendary Weapon wielders in S16. The others will likely come in a later set.

We also got to see a few more set cards from Binding Blade, including: Gonzales, Idunn‘s regular R art, Ogier, and Shanna. Shanna’s card also features Thea and Juno in the artwork!

Furthermore, Fae was revealed as one of the set’s “secret” R+X cards! These postcards reveal that the other R+X card will be for Celica.

Speaking of Celica, we got to see some new SoV cards as well, such as: Atlas, Nomah, Shade, and Sonya.

Finally, Radiant Dawn also got some new cards shown off this stream as well: Brom, Muarim, the alternate art R+ card for Tormod, and Vika.

S16 Promo Cards

The livestream gave us our first look at some of the promo cards that will be available this set. First up are the six new Tournament Promo cards! The two tournament-unique cards feature Eliwood as he appears in FE6 and a colourless card for Faye. The other four are alternate art cards for Roy, Clarine, Celica, and Sanaki.

We also got to see a mock-up for the FE Expo’s promotional Lucina card! The card is a deliberate callback to the Marth promo card from the anniversary concert. Lucina will be given out to everyone who buys at least ¥1000 worth of merchandise from the Expo. You can see a digital, text-free version of the art towards the top of this article.

Finally, we also get our very first glimpse of Cipher cards for Three Houses! Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude appear in all their glory in these promo cards that will be given out at June’s Cipher Festival events. This is also our first look at the brown/olive colour that will be used for the 3H faction in Cipher.

VincentASM wrote up a separate article with a few more FE Expo details that were revealed during the stream. Check it out!

New S17 Artwork

Towards the end of the stream, Kawade also revealed many new pieces of artwork for the upcoming S17, which features all FE games and spin-offs and will release on 27 June. You can see them all here:

Shortly after, the stream came to a close. Kawade and Young will be back again in a couple months for the Cipher Spring Livestream.

Big thanks go to Kizuna’s Cipher Blog for providing the screencaps I used for this stream’s article!

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  • 3-13 Archer

    That Celica reminds me of Devola’s NieR Automata version. Has the same pose as her artwork and all.

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    …for the sake of calling a duck a duck one could just call it “bronze”.

  • Familyplayer

    Btw, minor gripe, but August is from Thracia, not genealogy. Cool stuff otherwise.

  • Sentinel

    They choose Melady for Maltet over any of the Pegasus Knights. A rather curious choice.