Heroes: Out of Gallia Banner & Forging Bonds!

Four new allies are leaping their way into Fire Emblem Heroes today! Try your luck on the Out of Gallia banner for a shot at Mordecai, Lethe, Ranulf, and Caineghis. You can check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a look at their skills.

Additionally, you can see these heroes in action in the latest Main Story chapter, “Realm of the Dead“. Follow along with Alfonse and the Order of Heroes as they make their way deeper into Hel’s domain. Complete all three chapters and their associated Lunatic quests to earn 20 Orbs!

If you’d like to see even more of our newest heroes, you’re in luck; Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned also starts today!

Our four Gallian Laguz have formally decided to align themselves with the Order of Heroes. Play through maps and gather Friendship to earn Accessories, First Summon Tickets, and more! Don’t forget, you’ll also earn 2 Orbs the first time you complete a map for seven days of the event.

Finally, two new Orb Promos are also available starting today! The usual monthly bonus contains 21 Orbs and 6,000 Hero Feathers. There’s also a special Spring bonus with 30 Orbs and 20,000 Hero Feathers. Each pack is limited to one per player.

The Out of Gallia and banner and its associated Realm of the Dead quests will be around for some time, ending on 27 April. Forging Bonds will last its usual two weeks, ending on 24 April. Good luck summoning some new heroes for your teams!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • After my crusade for Marisa ended with only four copies of her, game decided to let me have a Lethe for free. I honestly like Lyre more but it might yet be a long way off until she comes.

    • Kneekicker

      Yeah, I don’t really see Lyre being a thing anytime soon unless IS suddenly goes into a frenzy with introducing Laguz units. It’s unlikely another Gallia banner will follow so soon after this, and Lyre herself is rather insignificant in RD compared to a whole bunch of other Laguz who haven’t made their appearances yet.

      My personal guess is that if she ever appears, it’ll be on a banner along other RD Laguz like Kyza or Vika.

      • Sisyphe

        Yeah, I’m inclined to agree, which makes me think I’ll be waiting for Skrimir for a long time. It’s also weird that Caineghis came first because the laws of gacha powercreep would suggest that Skrimir wiillbe much stronger when he’s finally released, which of course would not be an accurate representation of their abilities in Radiant Dawn.

        • Zog58

          The thing is, all Lions will be armored and therefore have innate DC. Which will make them all pretty good. It’s what they do with the stat spreads that matters then.

          My guess will be Skrimir is summonable and has high Atk and Spd with low res, akin to GD Ike. Giffca may be free much further down the line (thinking GHB or TT unit) and have a more balanced, and therefore worse, statspread between the two.

          And the other two may be colored, which innately will make them different and potentially worse than Caineghis.

          • Sisyphe

            This is fair. I was just thinking how in Radiant Dawn the Lions have basically similar spreads. I think it is more likely that Skrimir would have a color to him, especially since you can’t really run Caineghis comfortably with the other Laguz we have.

  • Kneekicker

    Wanted Lethe, but Ranulf isn’t a bad consolation prize.

  • CombatMagi

    Free summon was bubkis, First orb summon was Lethe, got Mordecai with the last of the 4 free summons and got Ranulf within 20 orbs…… I reallllllly want Caineghis to complete the set and there is NO chance of him becoming a 4 star unit. (My money is on Mordecai)

  • PhychoMeows

    Got Maribelle from the free summon. 120 ish orbs got me Caineghis and Ranulf the two I wanted the most. I’m going to save up and hope for the other two as well.

  • 100%B-Type

    Only 10 months until Book 4~