Heroes: Another Series of Three Heroes Quests!

The next series of Three Heroes Quests is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes!

This time around, the quests are focused on Raven, Leon, and Eliwood. Complete a few simple tasks to earn a 3★ version of each hero. Afterward, use the units to defeat enemies and earn up to 6 Orbs! You can check out the full details in-game.

These Three Heroes Quests will be available for two weeks, ending on 27 April.

Additionally, Heroes has given us a sneak peak at the next Arena Season!

As expected, all of the units from the Out of Gallia banner are bonus allies, as is Haar from the latest GHB. You might also get some good use out of one of the older allies, especially if you’ve already trained them up! These bonus allies will be available for the next bonus season, which starts this Tuesday.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor