Fire Emblem World: Daily Characters & Weekly Songs Round 5

We hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, Easter or otherwise! Anyway, it’s that time again, where we outline the upcoming schedule for the rotating characters and songs on the Japanese Fire Emblem World website.

Last month, we covered the schedule from 18th March to 21st April 2019. Up to this point, every released mainline game has been featured except for New Mystery of the Emblem. Which means two things: New Mystery and the beginning of repeats.

22nd – 28th April: New Mystery of the Emblem

Featured song: Young Light

To nobody’s surprise, New Mystery is the next game to bask in the spotlight. The characters are a predictable bunch since there are only a dozen or so official artworks for the game. This time, Marth is missing in action and his “shadow” leads the roster instead.

Funnily, Sirius’s image file is labelled as “Camus”, even though there’s no real reason for it. Say, unlike Nagi, who is internally known as “Naga” in the games.

29th April – 5th May: Path of Radiance

Featured song: Life Returns

This is the second time Path of Radiance makes an appearance–and the first week we have a repeated game. The characters here are mostly related to Elincia, with Tauroneo and Muarim tagging along for some reason. The music choice is really cool, but where are the herons?!

6th – 12th May: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light

Featured song: Story 2 (Each Map’s Beginning)

Hmm, there’s a sense of deja vu here. Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light was featured not too long ago–during the week starting 25th March. The characters are exactly the same as last time, which is disappointing. But I suppose there isn’t much artwork to use.

13th – 19th May: Shadows of Valentia

Featured song: Twilight of the Gods

If we count Gaiden, this is Valentia’s third time. Unlike previous occasions, there are no Lords or main characters, although Berkut is a noble on the wrong side of the conflict. It’s a bit of an odd mix of villagers and NPCs though. In any case, the song is a treat for the ears!

20th – 26th May: New Mystery of the Emblem

Featured song: Those Who Dare to Change History

Not content with being the final game to be featured, New Mystery makes a second appearance fairly soon after its last. Sadly, many of the characters are the same, with Kris swapping genders and Caeda popping in to say “hi”. At least the music is different.

Unbelievably, Caeda is once again labelled as “Sedgar” in her file name. That makes it the third time in total. If she’s ever featured in Shadow Dragon (which is likely), we could be looking at a fourth time… What would happen if the real Sedgar appeared?

Disclaimer: The schedule may change without warning.

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