Three Houses: Nintendo UK Online Store Offering Limited Edition with Coin & Pouch

Sorry for the flood of Fire Emblem news; it’s not my fault everyone decided today’s a great day to deluge us! Anyway, for those of you in the United Kingdom, the Nintendo UK Online Store has now opened pre-orders for Three Houses!

Two editions are available: the Limited Edition (£79.99; featured above) or Standard Edition (£49.99). Both come with a collectible coin and pouch (design not final), similar to the Fates special edition. Presumably this is exclusive to the online store.

Now the Fates special edition sold out pretty dang fast, but from memory, the Echoes one was around for a decent amount of time. That said, since this is a brand new games–and the series is more popular than ever thanks to Heroes–we recommend pre-ordering ASAP if you’re interested.

Also, the release date for the Limited Edition was wrongly listed as 16th July for a short amount of time, but was fixed to have its proper release date (26th July).

Update: As another option, GAME UK’s website has also opened pre-orders for the Limited Edition. You won’t get the coin and pouch, but if you’re not fussed, it’s worth considering at least.

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