Heroes: Children’s Day Voting Gauntlet Soon & Summoning Focus

Fire Emblem Heroes is readying another Voting Gauntlet event, this time celebrating the upcoming Children’s Day in Japan. Although, we’re not sure if pitting children against each other in bloody battles is the right way to do it, but anyway…

The starting brackets are Young Tiki versus Male Kana, Lugh versus Ylgr, Fae versus Yune and Flying Nino versus Delthea. On second thought, these kids can probably hold their own–especially the dragons and random goddess.

The Voting Gauntlet will start on 30th April 2019 and run for 6 days, until a few hours before the daily rollover on 6th May 2019. For reference, the actual Children’s Day takes place on 5th May 2019, during the first day of the final round.

Compared to last time, the Disadvantage Bonus has received a significant buff. Instead of being (Duration x 0.1) + 3.1 (up to 7.5x), it’s now (Duration x 0.2) + 3.2 (up to 12x). There will also be a Log-in Bonus starting now until the rollover on 10th May 2019.

If you’re lacking any of the featured Heroes, there are a pair of Summoning Focus that have 6 of them. Meanwhile, Male Kana–being a past Grand Hero Battle reward–can be obtained via Heroic Grails. As for Yune, she seems to be MIA right now.

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  • Volttekka

    Goddamn, who to vote for…
    Tiki, Ylgr, Fae, and Delthea

  • Semi Colon Parenthesis

    Yune? Damn…