Heroes: Golden Week Celebration, Allegiance Battles & Legendary Alm

Today is the start of Golden Week in Japan, which is a very special holiday-filled week. During this relaxing time, there are many celebrations–and this extends to free mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes.

Starting today until the daily rollover on 10th May 2019, there will be the first of two Log-in Bonuses. Summoners will receive First Summon Tickets up to 10 times. There are two types of tickets, denoted by “I” or “II” and they’ll be handed out alternately.

A few days later, from 29th April until 12th May 2019, there will be a second Log-in Bonus, but this one features Orbs as normal. However, a total of 20 Orbs will be available by logging in through 10 days, instead of the usual 13.

Also starting now until 10th May 2019, new daily maps will be added to Special Maps, awarding 1 Orb each by completing Normal and Hard difficulties, for 10 days in a row. That means you can snag a further 20 Orbs.

As for what you can spend the First Summon Tickets and perhaps your Orbs on, two “Hero Fest” banners are now available, until 10th May 2019. These feature the first and second year winners of Choose Your Legends.

First Summon Tickets with a “I” can be used in the year one banner, while those with a “II” can be used in the year two banner. Like previous Hero Fest banners, the starting appearance rate for 5-star Focus Heroes is 5%.

Next, Allegiance Battles–explained in the April FEH Channel–are now available. This can be found in the Coliseum menu, which replaces Arena. In this mode, you choose 4 Heroes and your 4th Hero will Pair Up with a friend’s Hero.

When the battle starts, you’ll face off against 4 enemies. But additional enemies will spawn from designated warp tiles (after that, the warp tile will disappear). You can earn a higher score by defeating enemies you have a weapon advantage against etc.

Unlike Arena and Aether Raids, you only need to do one Allegiance Battle per season, but you can keep playing to try and get a higher score. There’s also a quest where you and your friends can try and take down a specific target (eg. Ike: Vanguard Legend).

To encourage players, there are quests running until 6th May 2019 related to Allegiance Battles that provide up to 10 First Summon Tickets. This will require playing in the first two seasons. Also note that the first season is shorter than normal.

In addition, there are new Aether Raids quests running until 10th May 2019. Completion of these will reward you with Spring Aether Stones, which can be exchanged for these structures: Iron Fence, Foreboding Lizard and Lending Library.

Last but not least, the Legendary Alm banner is now active until the daily rollover on 7th May 2019. To give you a taste of his might, Alm can be fought in a new Legendary Hero Battle. The LHBs for Roy, Marth and Hector have been brought back again as well.

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