Trivia: Actual Whale Found in Fire Emblem Fates

Those who have played Fire Emblem Heroes or have some familiarity with it (or similar mobile titles) should know what a “whale” is. Basically a big, big spender.

Amusingly, an actual whale–as in the sea mammal–can be spotted in one of the Fire Emblem games… Specifically Fire Emblem Fates.

I was tipped off by @anasofiadeandat, who commented about seeing an unidentified sea creature in their My Castle. Being the curious sort, I immediately set off to investigate. Apparently, they saw it in the Nestrian-style castle, which makes sense as it’s surrounded by water.

However this wasn’t the only sighting. Around 2 years ago, a video of this creature was posted by succboi43 on YouTube. The video is a bit blurry and shaky, but you can clearly see something big, moving purposefully, in the water.

Just to make sure, I revisited my own castle and scoured around the water’s edge. After a bit of looking around, I managed to gaze upon this creature for myself. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a video at the time, but I did grab a few screenshots.

The creature isn’t very well-defined, but from the shape, it does look a lot like a whale. Now that I knew the creature was definitely real, I had a rummage through the model files to see if anything fit the bill.

It didn’t take very long. Say “hello” to “whale_ground_map” from the Nestrian-style castle file. From the model’s name, we can say with 100% confidence what the creature is, even if it is very low fidelity.

This funny-looking whale is programmed to do a full lap around the castle (and repeat). There is one more thing of note.

From what I can tell, at two points in its journey, the whale will do a fabulous twirly motion. Now I wasn’t patient enough to see this in the actual game, so I’m not sure what it looks like there. If anyone out there is bored enough to look for this, be my guest.

Anyway, that brings us to the end of this trivia article. If you’ve found anything super obscure in the games, please send the details my way!

(Special thanks to the creators of Ohana3DS, which I used to view the model files.)

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