Three Houses: Japanese Official Site & New Character Profiles (Part 2)

Today, Nintendo opened the Japanese official website for Three Houses. If you’ve been following the game, there isn’t a lot of new information, but we’ll take a closer look anyway!

On the top (front) page, the artwork of the Three House leaders from the boxart is displayed. You may have noticed Claude isn’t upside down. Near the top, there’s the option to turn on the BGM, which plays the music from the first trailer.

Below this is a basic description about the game–what kind of game it is, etc. If you’re reading this, you probably know how Fire Emblem plays like. Behind the description is the artwork from the Japanese Fódlan collection.

For your convenience, you can find all the featured artwork at the end of this article.

Further down is the product specifications. In case you were wondering, the game is single-player only and supports a variety of controller schemes, but does not support a single Joy-con (held horizontally like a NES controller).


Moving on, the Introduction page contains stuff you’d probably expect. There’s a summary of the story and the three nations of Fódlan, which we learned way back during the first trailer and also in the second trailer.

There’s also a summary of the Church of Seiros and Garreg-Mach Monastery, which are sort of new, but nothing entirely unexpected. Still, I’ve translated the text below.

The Church of Seiros

Fódlan is home to many people who live under the teachings of the Church of Seiros, followers of the Goddess. The denizens of Fódlan consider the Church of Seiros and the Goddess to be especially important. For example, the existence of the “crests”, said to have been bestowed to mankind long ago, are symbols of wealth and power often belonging to ruling nobles and have a profound effect on people’s lives to this day.

Garreg-Mach Monastery is the home base of the Church of Seiros, located in the central mountains at the centre of the three great nations. In addition to being a religious site, the monastery is home to an elite order of knights and has a vital role to play in maintaining order throughout Fódlan.

The Officer’s Academy

The monastery also houses the officer’s academy, which educates the young people who will shoulder the future of Fódlan.

The academy is divided into three houses, organised according to the students’ nationality, and is essentially a microcosm of Fódlan. The protagonist will choose one of the three houses to teach, guiding them as a teacher in the classroom and a commander on the battlefield.

Behind the Officer’s Academy description is a brief slideshow including a mix of new and old screenshots. The most notable ones are Rhea standing at the edge of a balcony and female Byleth holding the golden sword, both found in the third batch of screenshots.

The Characters page is where most of the new stuff can be found. It’s divided into six categories right now: the protagonist and the mysterious girl, the Three Houses, the Church of Serios and the Knights of Seiros. There’s an unused “Unknown” category as well.

All of the characters have already been featured by the official Japanese Twitter account. In case you missed it, I covered the first week of characters (the protagonist, Sothis, House Leaders, Jeralt and Rhea) in this news article. Below are the profiles for the second week.


Full name Hubert von Bestla
VA: Katsuyuki Konishi

The strategist of the Black Eagles. He’s the eldest son from Marquess Bestla’s family and has served Edelgard from a young age. He’ll use any means necessary to eliminate her obstacles. According to Edelgard, he’s a cool-headed and rational person.

My name is Hubert. I am a servant of Lady Edelgard. I heard that you saved my mistress. I thank you.

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.


Full name Doudou Molinaro.
VA: Hidenori Takahashi

A commoner born in the Daska region, located to the kingdom’s north-west, and Dimitri’s servant. He owes a great debt to Dimitri and is determined to protect him at the cost of his own life. Because he’s a bit scary-looking and quiet, many people don’t realise he’s actually a gentle and nice young man.

It seems you’ve saved his Highness. …I have no words to express my gratitude. …I will return this favour. If anything comes up, I will help you.

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.


Full name Lorentz Hermann Gloucester.
VA: Hiroshi Watanabe

The eldest son of the house of Duke Gloucester. His snobby demeanor belies his serious nature, as he fully understands his responsibility as nobility. It seems he has been approaching girls at the monastery, to little success.

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.

So you’re the rumoured mercenary. You saved Claude’s life, or something… You didn’t need to butt in. I am Lorentz Hermann Gloucester. Remember that.

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.


VA: Sachiko Kojima

A former songstress who stood at the pinnacle of the capital’s Mittlefrank Opera Company. Now, she is a teacher and doctor at the Officer’s Academy. She has often been seen at school lamenting that she has yet to meet the man of her dreams. She has a crude side to her, but she is good at taking care of others, and is friendly to the new teacher, the protagonist.

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.

Oh my, you’ve come, teacher. This is the doctor’s office. If you get hurt or sick, come here immediately. ….Want some tea?

–Translated by SatsumaFSoysoy.

Note: It’s possible another character will be added before the end of Sunday. If so, they’ll be added here later.

Besides the characters themselves, we also get a clear look at the allegiance flags and emblems.

The last two flags we’ve seen before, but the first one was pretty unclear before, while we didn’t really know what the second one was for.

The first flag appears as the allegiance for Byleth during battle. Since he/she is hired by the Church of Seiros, it makes sense that he/she is aligned to them.

If you’re observant, the second flag was raised during the scene with Rhea and her possible adjutant and also by Edelgard’s troops near the end of the second trailer. Since this flag belongs to the Knights of Seiros, it’s no surprise they’re held by soldiers on both occasions.

Also, amusingly, if you check the two videos in the protagonist’s page, the school bell is the Fire Emblem main theme. Hmm, if there was an actual school out there with the Fire Emblem theme as its school bell, I’d be half-tempted to teach there…

Finally, the Movie page has links to the two currently released trailers. Hopefully we’ll get a third one before long!

Artwork etc.

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  • aristel

    Thanks for the translations! I’m glad to see we’re moving onto the students now!

    Where do the full names of Hubert and Doudou show up? I can extrapolate Hubert’s (and at the very least, we do know his surname’s Bestla), but I don’t remember seeing Molinaro anywhere…

    • Aveyn Knight

      The full names are from their profiles on the official site : )

  • Dillon Xiong

    HMMMM, if you guys pay attention to Lorentz’s video, he’s talking to male Byleth. I wonder if the conversation would be different if it was female Byleth, that would be a nice additional detail since Lorentz apparently likes to hit on women. But, it might not happen; it’d be nice if they did include minor details like that though.

    • Mason Klaus

      Considering he’s the “Casanova” for this Fire Emblem it wouldn’t surprise me if he got all flirty with F!Byleth, like Sain does with the female tactician in 7.

      • Bcardia

        It’s kinda funny how this games Casanova looks like…that.
        Honestly, people mock him and Hubert for their looks, but I really like that not all male characters look like bishounen supermodels. More disctinctive and “odd” designs are always appreciated, kinda like Wrys, Arden and Meg.

  • Arn

    I hope that screen shot is really old and not the finished graphics, because I’ve played PS2 games with better ones. Jesus.

  • DivineLion

    art looks sweet. hope they refine it

  • nainelaine

    i’m still kind of disappointed with the student designs we’ve seen so far. i at least like the story-relevant designs, like Rhea! none of the students have caught my attention though.

    also, it really bothers me just how rendered and shaded Manuela’s breasts are. fan service is no stranger to FE and I have 0 problem with it, but with the way the art is, the first thing my eyes go to is her chest, because thats the most detailed and eye-catching part, and THEN her face. even with charlotte or camilla’s designs/art, i’d be like “haha nice boobies” and then be able to move on; there is nothing continuously drawing my eyes there. this artist has basically done the same technique /i/ use when im making sensual pin-up drawings. its just something thats really bothering me, especially since it doesn’t seem to be a Manuela-exclusive problem (i’d understand if it were for something like characterization, i.e. Manuela is has a more sensual personality than other women at the academy), as we’ve seen with Dorthea(?)’s sprite.

    uhhh.. critique sandwich, so i’ll also say that i like the character art that the character designer (presumably) did for the main cast. i love the motion they have, they’re really dynamic. i can tell that this artist is very talented and knows what she’s(?) doing.