Heroes: New Event Calendar for May & June!

The latest Event Calendar for May & June is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Check it out below.

The new calendar is chock full of lots of goodies, including a new Bridal-themed Special Heroes banner coming out soon on 21 May. We’ll also be getting the old Bridal banners back, as well as a probably Bride-themed Tempest Trials. The end of May will also be bringing a new Mythic Hero. The next New Heroes will be coming on 11 June.

Click on the Read More button below for a full text breakdown of the whole calendar.

Event Calendar for May & June
Week of 12~18 May
  • Grand Hero Battle: Delthea: Tatarrah’s Puppet: 12 May
  • Banner for Heroes with New Power: 14 May
    • Available Heroes: Sully, Lukas, Faye, Stahl
  • Eir Quests: 15 May
  • Grand Conquests: 17 May
Week of 19~25 May
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Kana : 20 May
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for Special Heroes: 21 May
  • Revival Banner for Bridal Bloom: 22 May
  • Encore! Illusory Dungeon: Shadowed Memories: 23 May
  • Revival Banner for Bridal Blessings: 24 May
  • Tempest Trials+: 25 May
Week of 26 May ~ 1 June
  • Banner for Heroes with Dragon Fang: 26 May
    • Possible Heroes: Adrift M!Corrin, M!Corrin, Fallen F!Corrinm Julia, M!Morgan, Siegbert, Sophia
  • Bound Hero Battle & Banner: Leif & Nanna: 27 May
  • Banner and Battle for new Mythic Hero: 30 May
  • Log-In Bonus and Banner for Voting Gauntlet: 31 May
Week of 2~8 June
  • Voting Gauntlet: 3 June
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Gharnef: 5 June
  • Banner for Heroes with Flier Formation: 6 June
    • Possible Heroes: Elincia, Bow Hinoka, Leanne
  • Flier Mastery Quests: 8 June
Week of 9~15 June
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for New Heroes: 11 June
  • Forging Bonds: 11 June
  • June Orb Promo: 11 June


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