Fire Emblem E-Zine Volume 5 Is Upon Us!

As is becoming a wonderful trend in the art community, we’re back to share with you Together We Ride as it slates its fifth release in less than two months.

If you’re unfamiliar, Together We Ride is a zine that explores the similarities that can be found throughout the Fire Emblem series’ considerable cast. Each individual piece in this zine features multiple characters spanning across nine games among the Fire Emblem series.

Volume 5 consists of 36 full-color illustrated pages by twenty five artists and writers, and Pre-Orders are available now on Etsy, until the end of the month. More details below, and follow them at their Twitter and Tumblr.

Each individual artwork in this zine features multiple characters from different games spanning across the FE series. Volume 5 consists of 36 full-color illustrated and prose pages by our artists and writer (listed below), each featuring combinations chosen by them.

The fifth issue of Together We Ride is now available for pre-order, and features art highlighting every main series Fire Emblem game since the very first, as well as the Heroes mobile app. Click the link above to see the variety of bundles you can order.

Pre-orders will be up until May 31.

The ‘zine will be printed on a 9″|22.86cm x 6″|15.24cm gloss saddle stitched booklet. Conveniently, fans of the series that missed out on previous installments have a good opportunity to catch up on older versions just the same. It’s good quality!

  • Basic Bundle includes [$20]:
    • 1 Booklet
    • 1 Sticker Sheet (3 Skeleton Stickers)
    • 1 Postcard

  • Deluxe Bundle includes [$30]:
    • 1 Booklet
    • 1 Sticker Sheet (9 Skeleton)
    • 5 Postcards
    • 1 Wooden Feh Charm

  • Throwback Bundle includes [$40]:
    • 1 Sticker Sheet
    • 4 Postcards
    • 2 Holographic Bookmarks
    • Volumes 1-4 of Together We Ride

So, in short…

Preorder Date: Open until May 31, 2019

Release Date: Late June – Early July 2019

Serenes Forest user Damosel is both the organizer and one of the contributing artists for a fan-made E-Zine, Together We Ride. Damosel, along with over a dozen other artists, have put their pens to the test, by collaborating their series of artbooks, and their efforts feature art and designs of characters from over half of the Fire Emblem games. If you’d like to review the artists included, pay their Tumblr a visit!


Finally, the zine is also planning on opening applications for the Three Houses focused Volume 6 in August, but that’s a long ways off from now. If you want to join in for a future release, keep your eyes peeled for their tumblr posts, as well as Twitter and Serenes Forest postings!

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