Heroes: New Weapon Refines for June & Marital Bonds Voting Gauntlet Now Active

Fans of older Heroes, rejoice! In a new Fire Emblem Heroes update coming some time in June, four Heroes released during Year 1 will be receiving new weapon skills and/or refinery options.

This month’s lucky Heroes are Oscar, Saizo, Kagero and Elincia. The first three can learn Loyal Greatlance, Saizo’s Star and Kagero’s Dart respectively. In addition, all three can refine their new weapons, while Elincia can refine her Amiti.

A precise date for this update was not provided, but if it’s anything like past updates, you probably don’t need to wait too long.

Also, as a reminder, the “Marital Bonds” Voting Gauntlet is now active until a few hours before the daily rollover 9th June 2019. As always, there are quests for each of the three rounds. For further details, check the in-game notifications or our earlier article.

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  • Mason Klaus

    Sweet! Elincia could use the refine, whatever it may be. I imagine Saizo and Kagero’s weapons will be similar in effect to each other and Oscar’s lance is likely just gonna be a beefed up Sapphire Lance since thats how its been with anyone that has a gem weapon. Don’t know what the special refines would be though.

  • Daniel Smith

    I am surprised that Elincia is getting a refinement.

    That being said, as someone who’s first 5* on the day the game released was Kagero, I am ecstatic that she is getting a refinement!

    • 100%B-Type

      Yes! Kagero was a Nightmare as enemy at the start of Heroes~

      • PSYCOMMUnist

        That’s because 90% of what you faced was obnoxious Takumis and she was fantastic and ripping his guts out. Her and Robin.