Three Houses: Catherine Profile & Introduction to Hero Relics

Today, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account surprised us by posting not one, but four Three Houses-related tweets during a weekend–which they hadn’t done for ages.

The first tweet was a profile of Catherine, a woman we briefly saw near the end of the second trailer and only recently learned her name.

A graduate of the Officer’s Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery, and a member of the Knights of Seiros.
She’s a master swordswoman who wields the “Raitei” [Lightning], one of the legendary weapons referred to as “hero relics”, and a knight who has sworn loyalty to Archbishop Rhea.

As usual, they also posted an accompanying video, showing some of her dialogue. A big thanks to SatsumaFSoysoy for providing the translations!

Afterwards, was another video explaining what “hero relics” are–and showcasing Catherine’s in action.

In the distant past, the Goddess bestowed her power to champions known as Fódlan’s 10 Elites.
Alongside the “crests”, the Goddess also gifted them with blessed weapons called the “hero relics”.
These “relics” will only reveal the Goddess’s power when possessed by one who bears the crest that resonates with the relic.

You may notice this is the cutscene where the shot of Catherine leaping into the air is from. Also, the crest embedded in her hero relic seems to belong to Charon of the 10 Elites. Lysithea has the same crest, so does that the mean the two are related?

Note: Catherine’s profile hasn’t been added to the official site yet, so we don’t know her surname. The image at the top of this article is just a mock up.

Lastly, they kindly confirmed something we pretty much guessed: the protagonist’s weapon is one of the hero relics.

Incidentally, some of you may have been wondering this, but the rugged sword wielded by the protagonist is one of the “Hero Relics”. Its name is the “Sword of the Creator”. What kind of power is contained within this “relic” that resonates with the protagonist’s mysterious crest?

This information also confirms that the weapons wielded by older Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude are hero relics too. So we know of five of them so far. I’m guessing there are at least ten in total, to line up with the 10 Elites. Plus an extra one for the Sword of the Creator.

I already mentioned this before, but the crests embedded in the house leaders’ weapons match their own crests, except for Edelgard’s. We’re told she has the minor crest of Seiros, but the crest in her weapon is a currently unknown one. That said, if it’s like Genealogy‘s holy blood, you may be able to have multiple crests.

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