Heroes: Røkkr Sieges is now available!

Røkkr Sieges have finally come after it was initially announced during the surprise Feh Channel back on the 6th June.

Røkkr Sieges is a new event where you must fight Røkkr who have had the form of Heroes bestowed upon them by Loki.

There are three battles over 6 days, with each battle being 2 days long.

The mode itself works similarly to Grand Conquests, where you have a maximum of 8 Røkkr Stamina which refills by 1 per hour, and you can use stamina refills (Havoc Axe) to recover 8 Stamina at once.

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Assemble your team (healing/self-sustain is advised) and take on the Røkkr. Fighting on a higher difficulty means enemies are stronger, but your damage multiplier also receives a Boost to the Røkkr.

Beginner = 15,000 x amount of stamina used
Intermediate =  20,000 x amount of stamina used
Advanced = 25,000 x amount of stamina used

Enemy reinforcements show up every turn. Defeating them will raise your Røkkr damage Boost. A higher difficulty also increases your initial Boost as well as the rate you acquire Boost.

The battle will end once you either:
1. Reach the damage limit,
2. Lose all your allies, or
3. 7 turns have passed.

Any of these will save your damage dealt to the Røkkr, while surrendering will not.

You cannot reduce the Røkkr HP to zero yourself; the finishing blow must be done at the end of your battle by your allied armies. Do as much damage as you can to help yourself and your allies! When a Røkkr is defeated, it will be replaced by a new one.

You can earn rewards each round for dealing damage to the Røkkr: Orbs, Refining Stones and Havoc Axes can be earned in this way.

After each round, Feathers will be awarded to players based on their rank within their group.

There are also Quests to complete each round, which will award Orbs, Universal Crystals, Feathers and Havoc Axes.

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