Heroes: “A Promise of Joy” Tempest Trials Coming Soon & Summoning Focus

Summoners, we hope the new summer banner is treating you well (unless you’re saving up)! If you’re looking to play with your new summer units or scoop up some Orbs to keep rolling, you’ll be pleased to know the next Tempest Trials+ is just around the corner.

“A Promise of Joy” starts from the daily rollover 24th June 2019 and will run roughly the same time on 4th July 2019. The highlighted rewards are a 5-star special hero, Ylglr: Breaking the Ice (axe infantry) and three Sacred Seals (Armored Blow 1, Spur Atk/Spd 1 and Atk/Res Bond 1).

The bonus allies that provide a score bonus during the event have been announced as well. Unsurprisingly, the first row is populated by the four new heroes from the new summer banner. Meanwhile the bottom row features the reward version of Ylgr, plus the base versions of Laegjarn, Helbindi and Ylglr.

If you’re looking for the latter three, you can attempt to summon them now from the Tempest Trials+ Summoning Focus. This is available now and will be around until the end of the Tempest Trials. All three are solid units (with Helbindi and Laegjarn packing Duel skills for Arena), so if they tickle your fancy, go crazy (but, uh, not too crazy!).

Lastly, in preparation for an update in July, the game will be under maintenance (and thus unplayable) between 4 am and 5:30 am UTC on 28th June 2019. Huh, I wonder what they’ve got planned for us?

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  • dmurr

    I wish they would do something other than swimsuits for Summer seasonals…