Heroes: Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy

The deadly summer storms have returned to Fire Emblem Heroes! Build up a strong team of allies from Múspell to tackle Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy.

As usual, Loki is once again an instigator of mischief. This time her sight’s set on Helbindi…

This month’s summer-themed Tempest Trials features our latest swimsuit units from the Summer Returns banner. You can also use the non-summer versions of Laevatein, Laegjarn, and Helbindi. The final map takes place on a twilit beach and features Summer Helbindi as the boss. Check out the bonus allies, map layout, and boss stats below.

As usual, you can earn a wide variety of prizes in this event, including lots of Orbs! This event’s special unit is Ylgr: Breaking the Ice. Other rewards also include three Sacred Seals: Armored Blow 1, Spur Atk/Spd 1, and Atk/Res Bond 1. Additionally, don’t forget to complete your daily missions!

Tempest Trials+: A Promise of Joy will be blowing in the winds for ten days, quieting down on 4 July.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor