Three Houses: Few Details via Download Card & Upcoming Japanese Merchandise

There’s roughly one month to go until Three Houses is released. Apparently, retailers in Japan are now stocking the cards for the digital version of the game. Naturally, it’s not possible to play the game just yet, but there are some neat details on the back of the card.

Firstly, the game’s file size is 11.9 GB (and over). Which is useful to know if you’re planning to get the game digitally. For reference, the Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was around 13 GB. Meanwhile, the 3DS games weighed around 1 GB each.

Next, the game will support Nintendo Switch Online (the paid service). From what we know, the game does not feature online (or local) multiplayer (via Game Informer etc.). Presumably it’s for the Global Activity feature, which compares weekend statistics from players across the world.

The game will support amiibo, but no details were given. Earlier, we saw an amiibo Gazebo in the monastery grounds. I’m also curious if there will be new amiibo created for the game; for example of Byleth and the three house leaders. We had new amiibo for Echoes and Warriors.

Lastly, to nobody’s surprise, the game will have paid DLC. This time they gave some details but not a lot. Apparently you’ll be able to purchase things like new quests (the ones you can accept from bulletin boards), side stories (presumably paralogues) and costumes. I’m rather intrigued by the last one…

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In slightly unrelated news, Empty recently announced some new lines of merchandise for the game, scheduled for release during late July.

Acrylic Key Holders – 600 Yen each (plus tax)

Otherwise known as key-rings. Each key-ring measures approximately 5 x 7.5 cm. There are 27 designs in total, for male and female Byleth, Sothis and the 8 students from the three houses. You will be able to individually order the one(s) you want.

Hand Towels – 700 Yen each (plus tax)

These are stylish cotton towels, measuring approximately 20 x 20 cm. There are three designs available, based on the three houses.

Pass Cases – 1200 Yen each (plus tax)

I’ve seen these around and I have one of my own, but I’m not well versed in how these are used. I’m guessing you can fit ID cards, bus passes and stuff like that inside. The cases measure approximately 9.5 x 7 cm. There are three designs: the three houses and the Goddess’s mural.

Metallic Clear Files – 700 Yen each (plus tax)

Lastly, these are extra-fancy clear files with a metallic-like finishing. They are the standard A4 size. Two designs are available: Seasons of Warfare (or the game’s Japanese title if you’d prefer) and the Goddess’s mural. Both designs are double-sized.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order these from places like AmiAmi.

(Thanks to @TheTanooki for the reminder!)

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  • Gautam Sarathy (gsauceinator)

    A little disappointed by the presence of paid DLC, but hey, that’s how it is.

  • Mason Klaus

    Not interested in the costumes but the other two DLCs have my interest. Heres hoping they aren’t outrageously expensive like SoV’s were. Hopefully they’ll be like $5 U.S.D. (technically its $4.99 but I like to round it up to the nearest dollar). Still, its true that its no surprise that they had DLC in the works even if its nothing too impressive.

    • All DLC since Awakening has been despicable. Nowadays FE only exists because of how easy it is to churn out each entry and then milk them with horrible DLC practices. That’s the real reason Nintendo pushes the series so hard.

      • Mason Klaus

        Yeah I’m not holding my breath on the DLC being cheap. But a guy can dream right?

      • tenant57

        cope and seething

    • DivineLion

      if it aint worst like echoes. im fine with it

      • Mason Klaus

        I won’t deny that Echoes’ DLC price was outrageous (I think its like $49.99 U.S.D which probably makes it even pricier in other countries), but I’m still not gonna hold my breath that TH’s DLC price(s) are gonna be any better. Game companies these days are so damn greedy it isn’t even funny, be it pricing base game or the DLC or even both.

        • DivineLion

          not all game companies.

          • GiveMeCuteness

            I’m extremely cautious since this game is being co developed by Koei Tecmo, a company notorious for their outrageous dlc practices (look at Dead or Alive for example, 1,000 dollars of dlc right there).

          • DivineLion

            even if it is. if the base game is good. i dont really care. IS and nintendo wouldnt make it worst.. right? we’ll see

  • Killuawatt

    The existence of paid DLC isn’t really a surprise. I just hope they do it tastefully this time.

  • Entermaid The Elegant

    Lol the hate down here looking foward to it very excited!

    • fritz freak

      I’ts not hate buddy . These are facts, especially when it comes to talking about the dlc in this series …

      • Entermaid The Elegant

        News flash opinions aren’t facts…..the fact you were triggered to reply yeah it was hating…

        • fritz freak

          Get on my level pleb !

  • Big Klingy

    Okay, so according to Nintendo’s website the Switch does have pre-loading. Wonder if this game will be released that way? Maybe closer to the release date.

  • Chris Andersen 151

    Inb4 Anna is the one who runs the Paid DLC business like she did in Awakening/Fates.

  • kiu

    i wonder if there’s gonna be a dlc like revelations in fates that ties all 3 armies together in a single route

    • Sentinel

      There is not. We can confirm that there are no DLC paths.

      • kiu

        aw man that’s quite sad to hear tbh, not that i want more overpriced dlcs but i want a path where all 3 armies can be equally recruited;;

        • Sentinel

          Probably because such a thing would invalidate the other routes, which is what people hated about Fates.

  • milkes

    People need to understand that DLCs are fine given that they are just minor additional contents to the game. Contents that are added later into the game, not contents that were supposed to be in the game to begin with, cut out of the game and sold separately. That type DLCs are not okay.

    Plus FE is mostly a sp. So who really cares about some additional contents. You want it, buy it. You don’t need it don’t buy it. Simple as that.

    • God

      DLC stops being fine when when you charge as much as IS does.

      • milkes

        As I said, don’t buy it if it is too expensive for you. DLCs are optional, they didn’t cut the game and sell them separately, they are additional contents that you can live without if you can’t afford it. You will be fine

        • God

          It’s a matter principle, not personal finances.

          You’re enabling ridiculous overpicing.

  • Issun

    If the DLC is anything like Torna: the Golden Country then I’ll be happy. I hope it’s nothing like SoV lol

    I think there might be a FE3H direct next month to give more info about the game for English speaking fans (like the what Famitsu has been doing for the last few weeks in Japan) & to show the DLC.