Cipher Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream: New Cards & S18 Art + S17 Set List!

This past weekend, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted the Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! It started off with a fancy new introduction, showing new cards blasting outward…

Ryota Kawade and Young led the show as usual. They were joined by a few guests as well, including Nozomi Sasaki (VA for Oboro and Felicia), a new presenter named Kubocchan, and an Edelgard cosplayer.

Like most pre-release streams, the main focus of the show was on opening packs and showing off cards. We also got a look at some release promotion items, S17 tournament promo cards, anniversary art, and even new art for the upcoming Series 18 later this year! Hit the “Read More” button to check it all out.

New S17 Cards, Signs & Fancy Foils, & ST Deck

Although we’ve seen most of the set’s Super Rare cards via Twitter, the Cipher team held a few surprises for us. However, during the stream we did indeed get to see the last two SR cards for the set: Tibarn and Sumia!

Both Tibarn and Sumia have appeared in Cipher before, but neither has yet to get their own SR card.

Kawade also showed off two previously-unseen R foil cards for Lissa and Lilina. Lilina’s R is actually based on her Love Abounds version in Heroes.

Pulling signed SR+ cards was always very exciting for everyone on the stream! Lucky for us, the hosts and guests took time to show them off. Marth, Deirdre, Eirika, Soren, Chrom, Kaze, and Felicia get signed and foiled SR+ cards this set. Additionally, Alfonse gets a different style of SR+ card with extra fancy gold foiling!

In addition to foils, Kawade showed off many other new cards in the stream. From his opening pack, he showed off some new cards for: Sakura, Azelle, Eirika, Artur, and Lex.

Throughout the stream, he continued to occasionally pull aside a few other cards to reveal. Among them were new cards for Kaden, Keaten, Innes, Cordelia, and Selfina.

We also got to see a quick look at the contents of the ST Deck that matches S17, including the beautiful signed Lucina card. The deck also comes with an updated rule book and a playmat.

Booster Box & Release Promotion Goodies

This time around, S17 booster boxes will be coming with two out of a possible four preview promos. All of them feature characters from the upcoming game Three Houses! The four available cards are (from left to right) Male Byleth, Dimitri, Claude, and Edelgard.

Since there are double the usual amount of preview promos, there aren’t any special marker cards or anniversary promos this time around. We do still get promo sleeves, however, and the two designs for S17 feature pixel Alfonse and Lucina.

In addition to these goodies included in boxes, early Cipher purchasers can also get their hands on some special release deckboxes! Four different types are available. The first three are available when you buy one box (or 16 loose packs) and feature a selection of Pixel Lords. The backsides have a clear window with gold foil pixel lords, too!

This last one, featuring Lucina, goes to people who buy the matching ST Deck.

All of these goodies are “while supplies last” from associated resellers, which includes international online retailer AmiAmi. You’ll want to buy your packs or decks early in order to snag them up!

New S17 Promo Cards

Our stream hosts also took the time to show off some of the new promos that will be available with S17! As usual, we’ll be getting six Tournament Promos with two new, unique cards and four with alternate art reprints. The unique promos feature Caeda and Tiki while the reprints are for Sakura, Camilla, Soren, and Ephraim.

Kawade also showed off some special promos. Swimsuit Elise is a gift for those who participate in the upcoming S17 Deck Battle tournaments with the new ST Deck. Similarly, the Multi-Lord Marker Cards are a gift to those who participate in the S17 Pack Tournaments.

We’ve already seen a few other promos for the set, including the Preview Promos above and also the magazine promos released last week. Even more may yet be still forthcoming!

S18 & S19 News & Art

Towards the end of the stream, discussion turned to upcoming sets. S18 now has an official title, “Oratorio of Embarkation“, and a release date of 26 September. The set will feature cards from Three Houses, Awakening, and The Sacred Stones. We’ll also be getting a special Three Houses ST Deck as well!

Kawade showed off many new pieces of art for the set, including our first look at Cipher art for many 3H characters! Take a look below at new Cipher art for: Male Byleth, Female Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Bernadetta, Dedue, and Lysithea.

Plus we got some new Awakening art for some old favourites, such as Chrom, Libra, and Gregor. For TSS, there’s some new art for Marisa (who will hopefully get her first non-promo card), L’Arachel, and Valter.

Series 19 will see a return of more Three Houses cards and also include cards from Genealogy of the Holy War, and probably one more, as yet unannounced, title. So far, we only have one piece of on-progress art for the set, this sketch of Seliph by Rika Suzuki.

News & Fun with Hosts and Guests

As you may have noticed in the introduction, the stream by joined by an unannounced new presenter, Kubocchan! While we were all happy to meet him, he’s come for a rather sad reason: Young will be retiring from Cipher streams. Instead, Kubocchan will be joining Kawade as a regular Cipher presenter from here on out.

In addition to Kubocchan, Sasaki Nozomi also joined in as a guest! As is traditional, Young presented her with a gift of Felicia and Oboro cards, to celebrate her work as a VA for Fire Emblem.

We also had one other unexpected guest, a new, mysterious Edelgard cosplayer! She brought a 4th Anniversary cake as a gift, and also did some cool poses with her axe. She even helped with opening packs, too.

Speaking of the Anniversary, Kawade shared a selection of Anniversary Art by various Cipher artists! You can see them all in the album at the bottom of the post.

Furthermore, we also got to hear some voice recordings from various other FE voice actors! Jun Fukuyama, Yuu Kobayashi, Tomokazu Sugita, and Takehito Koyasu all spoke up about their characters and what FE has meant to them.

Set List & Closing

With a resounding “Ichi! Ni! Cipher!” the stream came to a close. Thank you for all of your hard work, Young! We’ll miss you.

Now that the set is only a day away from release, Cipher has uploaded the full set list online! If you’d like to check it out, you can do so here. You can also see the full ST Deck list here.

Anniversary Art Gallery

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