Three Houses: Advanced Classes via the Japanese Website

It’s been a lovely day for Three Houses with the recent news of the game and expansion pass being available to pre-purchase (but not in Europe, why?!), plus the Japanese introduction video and commercials.

Update: The pre-load and expansion pass are now available in Europe!

Around the same time, the Japanese website updated with info for the Advanced classes, which is the 3rd tier of classes (if you count Commoner/Noble as the 0th tier). These are available from Level 20. There might be another tier above this as well…

If you’ve been following Famitsu, you may know we’ve already seen half of the Advanced classes. Still, it’s a good chance to get to know them in a different light. Especially because the website provides stat spreads for all featured classes (but no skill level boosts or abilities).


A combat professional with superior strength and speed.

Recommended: Sword B, Axe C

Note: This class is male-only.


An expert who has reached the pinnacle of swordmanship. They can slice down enemies with their rapid sword strikes.

Recommended: Sword A


A deadly hit man who dwells in the shady underworld. Excels in dexterity and speed.

Recommended: Sword B, Bow C


A fortified soldier with overwhelming defence. In exchange for their low speed, they can protect allies with their high defence.

Recommended: Axe B, Heavy Armour B


Veteran knights with bundles of experience. Overall, they boast high strength, defence and resistance. After combat, they can move again.

Recommended: Lance B, Riding B

Wyvern Rider

A knight who soars the skies astride a wyvern. They have solid abilities, but are weak to bows and magic. After combat, they can move again.

Recommended: Axe B, Flying C


A warrior with unparalleled strength. They have great vitality and perform well in many battlefields.

Recommended: Axe A


An expert who has mastered the art of archery. They have high dexterity and can attack from great distances.

Recommended: Bow A


An expert who has mastered the art of fighting. They can topple foes with their rapid-firing punches.

Recommended: Gauntlet A

Note: This class is male-only.


Those who have mastered black magic. They are strong even against foes with high defence. This class can wield magic.

Recommended: Reason A

Dark Bishop

Those who have mastered dark magic. They are strong even against foes with high defence. This class can wield magic.

Recommended: Reason A

Note: This class requires a Dark Mage certification, so it’s effectively male-only.


Those who have mastered white magic. They are capable of both attacking and healing. This class can wield magic.

Recommended: Faith A


When it says “recommended”, these are the skill levels you need to meet to take the examination. You can have lower than the recommended values, but your pass rate will drop. If it’s below 30%, you cannot take the exam.

Also, just in case, you can equip most weapons in any class. So you could have Claude wield a bow as a Wyvern Rider. However, classes give skill level experience boosts for their preferred weapon types. Also, Gauntlets are restricted to foot-based classes and Magic is restricted to magic-based classes.

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  • Alexios Blake

    It was said that there are over 30 classes so there will probably be a fourth class row.

    • robotmaster

      So that would mean that there should be just under 40 classes. In that case I expected them to be classes that specialist in their given skill level. So master riding class or a master axe class.

      • Alexios Blake

        Exactly, hopefully also a spear master class like in the Tellius series.

  • rokonn1119

    Pegasus knights seem to be female only.

  • fritz freak

    I want that expansion pass in Europe Nintendo, goddamn now !
    What is this ? Are you favoring other regions of the world again ? ffs

  • Miley Kliss

    If you count the classes we know of now, were at 30. So hopefully the next tier adds another 10 or so.

  • Devi

    I just checked the store and Three Houses is available on EU now!

  • Because Lyn

    All those class options and no mounted magic users? Where are my troubadours, mage knights, or dark fliers?

    • The truth teller

      Yeah, quite underwelming. Let’s see if the supposed “master tier” adds some of them… Classes look quite generic and boring right now.

      • Soltrigger

        I’m still hoping for “master tier” classes too. It just doesn’t seem like there’s enough classes yet. I want to have Dread Fighters again.

  • masqueradekitsune

    I don’t think there will be another tier. The trailer said “over 30 classes!” and counting all of the ones we know of there’s already 30.

    • Sofa Man

      These classes are available at level 20. Imagine playing a Fire Emblem game and never promoting.

      • Lol, Marth says hi.

      • Zuf Lis

        this game goes beyond level 20. and why would you not promote your unit? since changing class to previous unlocked class (for that character) are free in case you dont like it

        but i guess there are people who like that..

        • Sofa Man

          My point is that 20 levels in a fire emblem game isnt a lot. There’s going to be 10 -15 levels after 20, it would be boring to give you all the classes halfway through the game and not ha e a 4th tier

    • Lusankya

      Based on ingame footage it’s likely there is a fourth tier after advanced classes. CHeck out this screenshot:
      You can see there is a scroll bar so there should be a fourth tier below advanced. Also below advanced are still the “divider dots” while above beginner there are none, indication there is still more to come below advanced.

  • BlueTetri619

    Berserkers better show up. I need my high crit killing machines.

    • Berserkers are one of my favorite classes, I really hope they’re in this game.

  • Semi Colon Parenthesis

    Is weak to magic like low Res or actually weak to magic? If the grids are anything to go by (from my experience they’re usually not trust worthy lol), Wyvern riders seem strong and its a way to balance it out but magic is pretty common, more so than archers I’d say.

    • Mason Klaus

      Wyvern Riders have always been described to be weak to magic along with archers, save for maybe RD where the Wyvern line are just weak to magic, namely thunder, and not weak to archers. They’re meant to be the opposite of Pegasus Knights in terms of being strong on the physical side of defenses and Pegasus Knights shrugging off magic like its nothing but are rather frail and can be taken out easily with any physical weapon.

      • Semi Colon Parenthesis

        Yea I am aware so I’m wondering which is the case.

        • Mason Klaus

          Balance reasons I’m sure.

  • Bcardia

    Not a fan of gender-locked classes. None of these make even sense, like why are Heroes and Dark Bishops male only?

    What I’m a fan of on the other hand are the class designs. Dorothea as an assassin, Edelgard as a Warrior and all the mage classes in general look so sick. Such a colossal improvement over the last few games.

    • mrkisukes

      It makes me wonder which classes will be female locked then, cause if there’s none, that just seems ridiculous. Fates still stands as the only FE game to have no gender-locked classes (aside from 2 DLC classes). I suspect it’ll be the usual suspects: Falcoknight and Valkyrie (if those do get confirmed, which I don’t see why not).

      • Alex Russell

        Pegasus Knights are female locked already, that’s not really listed here though, since they’re second tier classes, not third.

    • Cyrellinate

      Maybe galeforce is returning? Or any other powerful skills tied to the pegasus knight line? Their choices for the male-locked are really odd (like come on, Hero??), so it may have ties to game balance or something, idk

  • nainelaine

    uhm that paladin armor is generally super SICK i love it. same with warlock. grappler is so silly and goofy i will probably never use it unless the game makes me; id seriously burst out laughing anytime i see it do anything

  • KoriCongo

    >Also, Gauntlets are restricted to foot-based classes
    I think that should be reworded to “only be used on foot”, since we know Dismounting returns.
    Granted, we do need to see it in action, but I think the original Famitsu wording was that Gauntlets can’t be used while mounted.
    So while you can be a Gauntlet-wielding Cavalier, you can’t use your gauntlets while you are on a mount.

  • Yusufislam Durmus

    I don’t know how I feel about this one guys. First of all, I don’t like that we have so few advanced classes. This could have been the perfect game for a TON of new classes, like where are my Bow knights, Dark knights and even Berserkers? And what is up with gender-locked classes? Why are we going back to that concept? Is Nohr really the only place where females can become Berserkers, or in this case “Grapplers”? Besides that, the designs are pretty good overall. I’m not a fan of the cavaliers in this game, but aside from that, everything looks amazing.

    • Sentinel

      There doesn’t really need to be a Bow Knight class specifically due to how weapons are treated here. You can easily give your Cavaliers/Paladins a bow and it’d be the exact same thing.

      Also, there’s likely one more tier of classes, and I’d imagine a magic-using mounted class will be there.

    • Zuf Lis

      basically you can make bow knight, flying unit with bow, berserker, etc in this game since you can use pretty much any weapon. its just you need certain proficiency in a weapon to promote to certain class. and we are almost certain theres another class tier. maybe some of your example are in the next tier

  • Dudes, Canto returns?! I’m down.
    These Class designs are actually pretty neat, I think I’m liking this more than pretty much all the rest of the 3H stuff so far.

  • Big Klingy

    Grappler has higher-than-average movement for a foot class. That’s interesting. I don’t like how they’re going back to giving Archers and Mages crap move though. 4 move mages were really frustrating to use in Echoes. The extra range didn’t really compensate.

  • Lucas Falararo Cardoso

    Can I be a Bishop or Warlock and still use swords or lances along with magic?

    • Sentinel


      • Lucas Falararo Cardoso

        I see, that is good. Because in battle, a mage knight should be equipped with more than just magic my friend.

  • Veiled Mystery

    I’m confused, Warlock is the gender-locked class right? Not Dark Bishop?

    • Sentinel

      Warlock is gender-neutral. It’s basically the Sage of this game.

      Dark Bishop is obtained from mastering Dark Mage, making it male-only.

      • Veiled Mystery

        Thank you!

  • Zuf Lis

    its funny at first people complaining about lack of uniqueness because all student can be almost anything. now people are complaining there’s not enough variety in class which only comes from said uniqueness of choosing class freely (not a linear promotion).
    are you happy with the mechanic or not?? lol XD

  • Rei1556

    can you also provide the stat chart for the previous tier classes or has that been done already?

  • Vostera

    I miss daggers and knives

  • David Young

    Why do the Paladins have extremely low speed in this game? Aren’t they supposed to have balanced stats normally?