Three Houses: Gameplay Tidbits & Concept Art from Japan Expo Demonstration

During 11 am local time, Nintendo France held a masterclass for Three Houses at Japan Expo in Paris, featuring Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

If you’re curious, you can watch the footage by rewinding their day 2 stream.

Anyway, for the most part, they showed off things we’ve seen–namely a bit of monastery exploration and the King of Beasts battle. This time, they played the game in French, with Japanese voices.

One cool thing you can do is expand the monastery mini-map, while you’re still roaming around. This helps you to locate where you are and places/people of interest, without needing to exit the screen to view the full map.

We’ve known that Raphael can be recruited if you’re not teaching the Golden Deer. His exact requirements are a high Frc stat and Cuirassier skill level. I’m clueless with French, but apparently these are Strength and Heavy Armor (via Azz).

If you don’t meet the requirements for now, there is a fourth option “Mission Assistance”, which lets you borrow the student for one month only (via FuranSuwa). However, like recruiting, we don’t know what the limitations are.

At some point, they hover near the amiibo Gazebo, aka the Pavillon amiibo in French. Sadly, they didn’t show it off. But according to the developers, if you scan in Fire Emblem amiibo, you can unlock classic player phase music for the auxiliary (optional) maps (via Cysx).

The player invites Petra for a tea party. Amusingly, he flubs the first answer, so he doesn’t manage to trigger perfect tea time (where you can move the camera around your partner, etc.). Or maybe he did it on purpose…

For a brief moment, we can see the game menu (which is designed like a diary or notebook). I believe the options are: objectives, lists, inventory, supports, quests, convoy(?), save, guide, options and calendar.

Naturally, they showed off a bit of teaching. Here’s Caspar’s skill levels. He has strengths in Axe and Brawling, which make sense. But he’s weak in Bow, Reason and Authority. Ouch, he’s gonna have a slightly difficult time wielding battalions.

Then they played a bit of the King of Beasts map, but by this point, there isn’t much that we can wring out. At the very end, the showed off two sheets of concept art, of the three house leaders. Finally, they gathered the crowd for a photograph with the developers. I’m guessing we’ll see the results on their social media soon.

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