Heroes: “Summer Refreshes” Special Heroes banner is now live!

Today we see the release of the second Summer Special banner; “Summer Refreshes” is now available for you to summon from.

Within this banner, we have Lyn: Lady of the Beach, Ursula: Clear-Blue Crow, Lilina: Beachside Bloom, and Wolt: Sunbeam Archer. If you wish to learn more about their weapons and skills, you can read this previous news post. Note that Wolt’s weapon is actually 12 might and 2-range, not 14 might with 1-range, as incorrectly stated in the banner’s video trailer.

This banner is available from today until the 9th of August, 6:59am UTC.

Alongside this new banner, we will also get a new Paralogue chapter featuring these Special heroes, in which we can earn Orbs upon completion, as well as some Quests to go alongside the Lunatic difficulty for some extra Orbs. A log-in bonus is also active until the 23rd of July, 6:59am UTC, so make sure you log in to pick up those free Orbs.

Uhh…yes, right, Lyn.

Also it’s that time of the month where the Special Orb Promo becomes active.

Special Orb Promo: July is available now until the 23rd of July, 6:59am UTC. Alongside the usual 21 Orbs, you will also receive 6,000 Feathers.

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