Three Houses: Famitsu Preview (Demonic Beasts, New Characters, Facilities and Classes)

We’re entering the final stretch of Three Houses news! Famitsu has posted a preview of their fifth Three Houses feature, ahead of the release of their next magazine issue (25th July) in just over a day.

The headline of this feature is the gigantic “Demonic Beasts”, monsters that occupy multiple tiles and with multiple HP bars. The “King of Beasts” is one such Demonic Beast. As is the Black Beast shown in the illustration.

If you’re interested, there’s a much larger version of the Black Beast illustration from the E3 2019 press assets.

Here’s the preview image provided. If you’re wondering why it’s blurrier than usual, that’s because the image itself is half the size. Here’s the actual size. I’m not quite sure why they shrunk the image–were too many people correctly guessing details?

Anyway, because the image is so insanely small, saying it’s difficult to determine anything is an understatement. That said, the screenshot in the far bottom-left corner seems to show Dimitri in his Lord class fighting a Black Beast.

Correction: Disclaimer has pointed out that this isn’t post-timeskip Dimitri because the cape design is much simpler here. Indeed, assuming this is the Black Beast battle (because of the similar map and background), we know it takes place during the academy phase.

Also, I believe they’re showing the Giant Bird, Giant Wolf and King of Beasts in the assorted screenshots. The Giant Bird appeared at the very end of one of the recent commercials. Meanwhile the Giant Wolf was in the first Treehouse Live battle, as well as the Japanese Introduction video.

However, I’m not quite sure what’s going in the screenshots along the bottom-right. It kind of looks like the Black Beast fight, but its horns are glowing a reddish colour. If I had to guess, maybe it’s preparing a special (AOE?) attack or it’s in a empowered or weakened state? Finally, the image in the top-right corner is this one (also the Black Beast).

Cyril was the last character to be profiled (on 6th July).

Besides what’s shown, the feature will go over new characters, monastery facilities and classes. Before you get too excited, the characters are probably the monastery occupants profiled by the official website and Twitter account during the previous two weeks. Meanwhile the classes are likely the Advanced classes.

If anything, I’m intrigued by the facilities. Is there more we don’t know about!? We know about quests, faculty training, the dining hall, fishing, greenhouse, choir practice, advice box, saint statues, tea parties, various vendors, smithy, knights’ guild, etc. I guess Famitsu hasn’t covered the drill grounds and amiibo Gazebo.

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