Cipher Series 18 Introduction & Pre-Orders

The latest Fire Emblem game is almost here, and Fire Emblem Cipher also plans on welcoming it in style. Cipher Series 18 comes out in September and will be our first Three Houses set!

Titled “Oratorio of Style“, the booster series will also include cards for characters from The Sacred Stones and Awakening. We’ll even be getting a special Three Houses Starter Deck as well, starring a signed Female Byleth card!

Click on the “Read More” button to check out some of the set’s artwork. We also have some links for you to pre-order booster boxes and decks.

Cipher Series 18 Pre-Release Artwork

Over the last few livestreams, Cipher producer Ryota Kawade has shared some S18 art with us. Take a look at all of the livestream art below!

In addition to livestream art, both Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo shared their own shots of the art in their recent August issues!

Based on the proportion of art, it looks like Three Houses will take up about half the set, as expected. The remaining cards will be split between Awakening and TSS. However, we don’t yet know if any of the 3H art will be used for ST Deck cards, booster pack cards, or both, aside from the Female Byleth that’s used as the ST Deck Main Character card.

Pre-Orders and Other Information

For now, that’s about all we have for Series 18. The Summer Livestream has not yet been announced, but it will likely happen sometime in mid- to late-August, with daily card reveals starting around the same time.

In the meantime, pre-orders for Cipher Series 18, both ST Deck and booster boxes, are now available on AmiAmi and elsewhere online. You’re also welcome to come visit the Cipher section of the Serenes Forest forums to chat and speculate about the upcoming set.



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