Three Houses: English Website goes live, voice samples, observations

The official English website for Fire Emblem Three Houses has finally gone live. It goes over the various information, a bit we know, but there are some interesting new nuggets of information. This will be focusing on that.

Several characters have voice samples; as of right now Sothis, Edelgard, Hubert, Bernadetta, Ferdinand, Claude, Lorenz, Raphael, Hilda, Dimitri, Annette, Mercedes, Dedue, Hanneman, Manuela, Rhea, Seteth and Jeralt all have samples. More will likely come in time.

The Black Eagles recruitment video is also on the website, the Blue Lions one premiered earlier today so it’ll likely get added, along with the Golden Deer when posted.

Of the voice samples, a good friend of mine who goes by (who has a very good ear for VA’s both in Japanese and English). Has pretty much narrowed down the sample voices as probably these. but again, these are educated guesses and not yet confirmed.

Quite a few high profile names among some up and comers, and those who have played the Trails of Cold Steel games in English should easily be able to tell Diskin’s voice for Lorenz is much like his voice for Jusis Albarea. As it’s a very similar tone (and both are nobles although very different kinds of nobles).

Contrary to popular belief, Jeralt is NOT a Hero, he is a paladin instead. As can be seen here in what looks to be our opening chapter.

What looks to be a very early chapter right after you pick your house, a mock battle between all three houses, which might pull us into three way conflicts which haven’t been seen in FE for quite some time.

Ashe is shown to be recruitable to other houses! But unfortunately we don’t know what he needs Byleth to be good in to have him join.

Apologies for the bad zoom, but this image in a cue and not savable. In the events section we see this, which judging by the silhouette is Gilbert. It reads

“I’ve reunited with my daughter after years of being apart, but i’m the one who left her in the first place. I don’t know what to say or even how to speak to her”

This has gotten people speculating that Gilbert’s daughter is one of the students Byleth teaches, and in particular Annette of the Blue Lions seems to match him in hair color and eye color.

Could these two be related? It’d make for some interesting potential side stories, although it makes my choice to side with the Deer a little harder because I like Gilbert a lot already.

With 14 days remaining, which side will you choose?

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  • Anne O’Namus
  • SourRainbow

    Oh wow! So much has happened!! My choice is tested once again with the (possible) revelation that Annette and Gilbert may be related X’D I love these two so much already, but … Golden Deer!!!?!

  • Mason Klaus

    So does anybody recognize any of the VAs? I recognize at least four, Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum and Micaiah), Cherami Leigh (Cecillia and Gwendolyn), Faye Mata (Lene) and Ben Diskin (Jakob).. Of the four Veronica Taylor stands out, at least for me, due to her role as Ash in Pokemon. That and I don’t know of any other roles the other three have done aside from Fire Emblem characters.

    • taxi

      If i recall correctly then:
      Cassandra Morris – Clarissa, Julia, Morgana (Persona 5)
      Tara Platt – Miriel and Mitsuru (Persona 3), which I think is quite fitting.
      Robbie Daymond – Tobin and Ares
      Erica Mendez – Deirdre
      Joe Zieja – Jamke and Canas
      Ben Pronsky – Atlas
      Kayli Mills – Thea
      Dorothy Fahn – Rinea, I kinda wish they went with a register that was similar to Rinea’s for Mercedes since I think that suits her more but not too big of a deal.
      Ben Lepley – Saias
      Mark Whitten – Hrid and Lyon
      Might have forgotten someone but those are the ones I recognize at least.

      • Mason Klaus

        Huh, didn’t know Cassandra Morris did Morgana in P5 but then again I haven’t gotten very far in it either. Never played P3, only Persona games I’ve ever played are TMS#FE (since its consider Persona like with its battle style) and P5.

        Also isn’t Ben Lepley the voice of Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising as well as his VA in Smash? Cause I think some people mentioned Pit and Saias having the same VA when Fates was either in the works still or when we finally got to hear Saias’s voice.

        • taxi

          Yeah I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Cassandra Morris voicing Sothis, the voice sample for Sothis sounds a lot like her. If you liked the general feel of what you played through in P5, I really recommend giving P3 a shot (no matter how cliche the recommendation may be)!

          I’m pretty sure it was Antony Del Rio that voiced Pit from Kid Icarus/Smash and Silas from Fates. Silas and Saias do sound pretty close, maybe you mixed them up?

          • Mason Klaus

            Well I have to get around to continue playing P5 but I keep getting distracted (I mean I got the game at Wal-Mart for $20) but if I get the chance, I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on P3.

            Yeah I got the two mixed cause their names spelt so similarly. XD

            I will say he did a good job as Pit, I think my favorite line is “Mayday, mayday! This is the end! I never learned how to read!” (I never played the game myself but I watched a playthrough of it once) I mean the I never learned how to read part is Pit’s new star ko line and its hilarious. Then again one really could not take Uprising all that seriously cause of all the jokes that were in it (they were somewhat cheesy but amusing cheesy).

  • thiefstaff

    eh, i’ve decided to finally join the conversation on these news and i choose golden deer. i’ve been comparing the lords to sigurd, eldigan, and quan, and i feel like claude is the “quan” of the group. plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a good-looking bowman.

  • CombatMagi

    Damn if Dimitri is voiced by Chris Niosi good for him. I watch a fair bit of his content back in the day.

  • BubulleGum

    I hate Mercedes’ voice and i’m pretty bummed about it cause i really like her.

  • Luna’s Umbreon

    Lorenz is Rokoru from Tales of Berseria!! Now I wish Christia Vee was still voiceing Edelgard…