Three Houses: Famitsu 5th Article Follow Up (Better Screenshots, Library Texts)

Famitsu has posted the online version of their 5th article for Three Houses. The information there is exactly the same, but there are better (and slightly more) screenshots. If you haven’t read it already, we suggest checking out our earlier article for the full details.

Here’s a better look at three of the Demonic Beasts you may encounter in the game. They’re known as the Giant Wolf, Giant Bird and, breaking the mold, the King of Beasts. We’ve also seen a Giant Worm/Bug and the Black Beast.

Speaking of, here’s the Black Beast in all its glory. This map seems to be from the same map we saw towards the end of the Nintendo Direct trailer. Thanks to recent info, we can assume this map is the end-of-month mission for the 8th month, the Gautier Inheritance.

So far, the player has destroyed the two barriers along the top, while the two barriers along the bottom have been damaged. Brave Dedue leads the charge with his Lure Gambit. Byleth and Ashe who are nearby assisting him for a Gambit Boost. I think this attack targets both of the cracked barriers, because of Byleth’s attack range.

The attack is a success and both remaining barriers are broken. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Lure Gambit only targets one tile (as seen by Hilda using it here). So maybe when targeting a barrier, you automatically target nearby one(s) as well. Anyway, with all barriers down, the beast supposedly enters “armour breaking”, stopping it from moving for a while.

Here’s pretty much the same stuff, but with Dorothea attacking a Giant Bird. She’s using the Group Flame Magic Gambit.

The attack breaks at least one of the barriers, inflicting the Confuse ailment on the bird. This stops it from counter-attacking for a while. Also, after using a Gambit, the Demonic Beast’s attention will be focused on the unit that used the Gambit. Which could be a good or bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

Famitsu suggests using weapons or Combat Arts that are effective versus monsters. For example, the Monster Piercer lance art used by Dimitri here. This will let you break barriers faster, causing the enemy to be confused. This art also boosts Avoid, giving Dimitri a high chance of dodging (and indeed he evades the hit).

Don’t get complacent though. As the battle goes on, the Demonic Beast may charge up an AOE attack for the following turn. You’ll notice certain tiles will change colour to indicate where the attack will land. The AOE attack, Splitting Thorns, was seen in the recent Japanese commercials.

The attack deals a lot of damage, bringing Felix, Dedue, Sylvain and Ashe to critical health. Be warned that AOE attacks can kill units, as we’ve seen in the King of Beasts footage. Also, this particular attack seems to inflict a debuff of some kind, as shown by the arrows on each damaged unit.

After a beast unleashes an AOE attack, broken barriers may be restored. If your units have taken damage as well, be cautious as you’ll suddenly have to fight against the tide.

On the subject of the King of Beasts, here’s a different map with two of them! Byleth uses his Ruptured Heaven art, which is exclusive to the Sword of the Creator. This art is effective against dragons, which the King of Beasts seems to be. The beast towards the back has a curious axe disadvantage icon on it.

The next bit is about the Drill Grounds, where you can take place in monthly weapon-based tournaments. You need to spend activity points in exploring to enter. This month, it’s the 9th month–the Horn Bow Season, one we haven’t seen before. Currently, the Intermediate Axe Tournament is on-going, featuring mercenaries from the “Monstrous Mountains” group.

There are multiple rounds for each tournament and you can size up your opponents before each round starts. Battles occur continuously, like in the arena and drill grounds from previous games.

Keep winning and you can enter the semi-finals and presumably finals. After the first round, in-between each round you can opt to restore 30 HP (up to twice per tournament) or forfeit the tournament. Like the arena, giving up probably lets you keep your spoils. Otherwise if you lose, you may lose everything.

Here’s the Audience Chamber, where Rhea and other important monastery figures can be found, and the Knight’s Hall, where the Knights of Seiros gather. I was perhaps a bit hasty earlier. In the Audience Chamber, you can see the statue of Cethlenn towards the right. So that means the saint statues are here. Are they also found in the Cathedral then?

Meanwhile, this is the Stable, located along the east side of the monastery, just below the Knights’ Hall. It seems Marianne is here today. She’s known to be reclusive towards people, but open towards animals, so it’s not surprising to find her here.

Now for the bit I’m most excited about–and I’m sure some of you are too–which is the Library! This is found on the 2nd floor of the monastery, in the same floor where the Audience Chamber and Rhea’s office is. Here you can read up about the history of the continent and the Church of Seiros etc.

Here’s a sample of one of the literature. This is page 2 of 9 from the Kingdom Nobility Records.

The family descended from Blaiddyd, one of the 10 Elites.
In the year 751, Loog the King of Lions emerged victorious in the Griffon War. Afterwards, he was crowned by the Church and his nation was granted independence from the Adrestian Empire. His family has ruled the holy kingdom for over 400 years.

If you’ve forgotten or didn’t know, Dimitri is from the Blaiddyd family. He’s the prince of Faerghus and the next in line to the throne, so it was logical to guess that his family was the ruling one.

This is page 1 of 4 from the Book of Seiros.

Chapter 1: Revelation

The Goddess lives in heaven, and on earth.
She exists in the present, the past and the future.
Her eyes see all, her ears hear all, and her hands accept everyone.

Ah, yes, the omniscient goddess. Why do I have a feeling this is pretty far from the truth?

Wait, what are you doing sneaking around the student Dormitories? Well, I suppose, they left their door open–and this is a RPG after all!

As we learned not too long ago, you can read literature related to the students’ interests. Since this is Dedue’s room, there’s a note about types of crops.

This is a note written by the caretaker of the greenhouse, describing the types of crops grown there so far.
Reading this will grant you new knowledge.

Indeed it does, as the protagonist gains experience towards their Professor Level after reading it. Apparently checking your students’ private belongings is one way to become a good teacher…

Here’s your dormitory by the way, also known as your Personal Quarters. As you can see from the mini-map, you have an occupant here. Although it might be an ethereal one.

These screenshots shown the amiibo Gazebo and Lost Spirits. I already discussed them before, so I won’t go over them again. However, I forgot to mention that the Lost Spirits example shows a new map with the Death Knight. Clearly, a lot of people had trouble here, with all the spirits floating around…

Alongside Lost Spirits and Global Activity, Exchange Students is another online-only feature. These are characters from other peoples’ games, come to invade your monastery. The second screenshot features Petra and Lysithea as students from Archanea and Hoshido. Curiously, they spell Hoshido using katakana (like most names), instead of kanji (like how it was written previously).

This is what it looks like when you chat to an Exchange Student. There’s the option to buy a discounted item (not sure if the other player can choose or not), engage in a training mini-game (with one or four Exchange Students) or hire them as an Assistant (support unit).

To finish off, here’s another look at the final Advanced classes: Dark Bishop, Assassin, Swordmaster, Wyvern Rider, Warrior and Sniper. You can read more about them in our Classes page. Here, you can see the proficient weapon types though.

In case you’re not aware, most classes can equip most weapons. So Snipers could wield also Sword, Lance, Axe and Gauntlet. Despite only excelling in Bow. However, they won’t gain boosted skill level experience for other weapons. Also, magic is restricted to magic-based classes, while Gauntlets cannot be equipped while riding.

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  • Brave Lady Lyn

    Still like that the demonic beasts has alot of strategy to take them out many interesting strats I can see being used for each of them! I like that most of the classes shown for the individual character pretty nicely(even Marianne for a bunch of reasons). Can’t wait to absorb all the knowledge of this games world!

  • Disclaimer

    I believe the King of Lions’ name is going to be translated as either Lugh or Lug, a reference to the deity of Irish mythology, who wielded several magical spears — Lugh’s Spear (Luin Celtchair, Crimmall), Gae Assail, Areadbhair (Slaughterer). I wonder if one of them will be the name for Dimitri’s own Hero Relic.

    • Adako

      You may indeed be right – this would fit with the Celtic theming for Faerghus. What’s more, even though FE has already used Lugh for a character’s name, that doesn’t mean they won’t re-use it, as they’ve re-used names before.

  • Tristan

    Do you think this game have a day/night cycle at the monastery ?

    • Bepo Grubišić

      Every single image and video was during daytime so my guess is no.

      • Tristan

        Yes this is what I think, sadly.