Three Houses: Early Reviews Aplenty, Overall Satisfying Ratings

If you’re a Nintendo fan and have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll need to know that Fire Emblem Three Houses got a ton of coverage at E3 2019, and has since, been receiving favorable reviews from gaming sites since then. Within the past 24 hours, the English web site has gone up for the game, and many powerful game reviews have shared their dozen+ hour long gameplay feelings with the web. Their videos are of varying lengths and their sites can bring you all over the web, but fortunately, I’m here to consolidate what’s been released so far, to make your lives a bit easier as fans like me, who don’t have the game yet, but crave more knowledge.

Please note, all information listed below, will be my interpretations of each reviewer’s review, and any words used will not reflect my opinions of what is seen. Please excuse any confusing grammar.

GameXplain brings in a point of view from a Black Eagle’s perspective, sharing right off the bat that there’s plenty of thought that needs to go into picking what feels comfortable for you to play with between the three houses, from personality to gameplay feel. They express how things start off a tad slow, more implying that it’s different from a traditional Fire Emblem game that throws battles at you left and right. Additionally, the mock-weapon triangle system through skills that simulate a triangle feels good. The biggest change feels with Magic, in that you no longer buy tomes, and more or less learn new spells or enhancements to older spells to keep them relevant as the game goes on.


The character supports feels pretty good; better than expected, but one thing about the characters is that the “extra character” that you can recruit from a different house, there’s two ways to go about it. One method lets you borrow a character that brings their story but not gain exp, which is still good if you need the help, and the other method allows you to outright recruit another unit as long as you follow a certain path for criteria, like focusing teaching a certain weapon type.

Adjutants make things feel pretty nice, as it lets players keep using their units in different ways. You can sort of bypass the teaching element of the game with “Auto-Teach”, which lets the game progress much faster, but you’ll be missing out on a story that has a lot more mystery and intrigue than you would have expected, coming from previous Fire Emblem games. They’ve put a lot into the worldbuilding and the game really goes all out with presentation. Between the game having 100% of its dialogue voiced, and library covering character and world information easily available at all times, and the constantly awe-inspiring music, the first impression of slowness and has been blown away by overall great quality.

Sadly, no, you cannot pet the dog.

Gaming Boulevard showcases Three Houses’ quality when playing specifically in hand-held mode.

It’s hard to convey by simply grabbing a screenshot of a camcorder’s perspective of the game like this, but the quality does look pretty up to snuff, with elements like menu options, text, maps and character profiles displaying nicely and with enough room for reading.

Additionally, the voice acting sticks around in the handheld view just the same, which is something that Wii U users might have seen bigger discrepancies with (by that, I mean in overall quality of visuals and audio).

GameSpot simply highlights the first battle with no commentary. It’s a good display to see coverage of this without any overlaying commentary, as it lets the quality of the sound effects, music and voice acting really show how good they are.

Kotaku provides their take on monastery life in a video, as well as battles in another video, and a huge review that can be read here. Because theirs is in writing as well as video form, I won’t go into too much detail, but I will share that their feelings towards the gameplay, character development and overall busy-ness of the game are to be highly regarded. With an opener like Fire Emblem: Three Houses perfectly balances tactics-based combat with an anime high school simulator. I’m fifteen hours in, and I can already tell it is going to break my heart, there’s a lot to swallow, but it’s a good read, and I’d strongly suggest reading Gita’s review of the game, as it not only compliments the game, but also, compares it to the past 3DS-era Fire Emblems to showcase differences.

Game Informer speeds through a quick string of gameplay with a more Let’s Play reaction-style feel rather than a more dedicated explanation and historical comparison review. It showcases some interesting things like the mini-map’s alerts on whom you can speak with and fast-travel.

Gayming Magazine offers perhaps the most out-of-the-box review, immediately highlighting how the game includes flirtatious interactions with pretty much the entire supporting cast, regardless of your Byleth’s gender.

It’s nowhere near the Fates style of skinship and interaction, and of course, without a massive timeskip or Deeprealms to supply instantly adolescent children, it doesn’t try to be. Instead, the game just opens up a lot of doors for character development, in respects to their personalities as well as their orientation.

If you have perspectives to offer, or know of other reviews, feel free to link them in the comments. Stay tuned for more news as it drops!

Coverage cites from GameXplain, Gaming BoulevardGameSpotGayming Magazine, Game Informer and Kotaku.

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  • Matthew Tate

    I gotta admit, I’m even MORE excited than I have been (really letting the hype get to me), but I am also *really* disappointed to learn more about the DLC schedule. Releasing more “story” and playable characters well into next year puts a terrible taste in my mouth. I’m still picking this up day one, but I hope that the forthcoming content is still more in line with recent games, where it’s not necessary or even related to the story, just tacked on things after the fact. I don’t like feeling like the game was cut up to make more money.

    • Lucas Morandini

      Considering the gargantuam amount of stuff the game seems to have it just feels bizarre to imagine they are actually cutting content.

      • Matthew Tate

        And I certainly hope that’s the case. The gaming industry just hasn’t give me a lot of reason to be optimistic in recent years, y’know? Nintendo exclusives tend to be better than most, IMO, but things change.

      • UnderTheBlueCrescent

        Given how IS handled Fate’s and FE:SoV’s DLC, I’m less inclined to trust them to put out any pro-consumer, meaningful and satisfying DLCs (granted, they shouldn’t even be in the game in the first place) . Moreover, despite they claim each route takes about 80 hours to complete, I wonder how many of those hours are actual story content and how many are just running around the central hub doing busywork. Perhaps I’m still suffeeing from an acute case of the”Peter Moreland” syndrome, but I just hate seeing developers overpromise and leave the fans disappointed.

      • SW6

        I mean DLC doesn’t mean cutting content, sometimes that’s a scummy practice companies do, other times DLC is just extra shit added on, like the Xenoblade 2 expansion.

    • kyrt

      I’m going to hope that whatever the DLC is that it will be good. The pricing of it if actually worthwhile is a lot better than the Echoes DLC which leaves me hopeful. Nintendo is also treating it as a big rpg property on the switch which means they are probably a lot more involved than usual and most Nintendo main titles have been released well and with decent DLC…Xenoblade Chronicles 2 received an entire prequel expansion (a full 30+ hour game) and since this is being treated as essentially an rpg property there are certain expectations people have.

      Something to keep in mind the thanibomb leak hinted at there being four routes…currently we only have been previewed of 3. There is a very good chance that the additional story and more playable characters is going to be the said fourth route. The leak also had far less details about said fourth route so it’s quite likely that it was further behind in development or conceptualization. Basically if you’re worried of another Revelations situation I’d hold off on picking up the DLC until you find out what people think of it.

      The First Wave of DLC really leaves me feeling bitter considering it’s only those two byleth costumes (unless the entire cast gets similar for the first wave and they are just previewing it with the Byleth costumes…even then though why not just include it with the game if it is ready by launch) which is not really a “wave” of content. If anything there seem to be three major DLC waves planned for the game with a very misleading fourth one that reminds me a lot of Tecmo Koei dlc practices.

      Honestly I’m more hopeful at the initial outset (they actually somewhat revealed what type of content will be in the season pass instead of keeping us in the dark) but really we’ll have to see how the base game is before we can really say anything on the DLC.

    • Tristan

      This is why I will buy it when all the expansion content will be released.

  • Simon Renaud

    Hi, this Polygon article mentions Bow Knight as a class with reqs of A Riding, A Bows and C Lances, seems like relevant info

    • Er-chan You can find the next rank of classes at 7:44 of nintendo world reports video.8 Master rank classes there’s a pegasus one, a wyvern one, four horseriding ones & two footbased.

      • Tristan

        Unique Class ?

  • nainelaine

    oh god, im SO excited about the character development stuff! hearing these good things makes me SUPER hopeful. i think i could be happy with just flirting with characters, even if i cant marry them. even aside from the romance, it sounds like the characterization of the cast has had a lot of effort put into it. and if there’s really such a focus on story, and if the characterization is just that good.. maybe ill actually take my time with reading it all. im so glad i decided to preorder, even though im out of town the weekend it drops.

  • Familyplayer

    Considering that many reviewers gave revelations, possibly one of the worst FE games in existence objectively, high scores, I don’t see any reason to think that this is a good or bad sign.

  • Ibrahim Al-Hulail

    Master rank confirmed from NWRtv YouTube footage, something even beyond it possibly

    • Ibrahim Al-Hulail

      I signed up just to post this lol

  • Miley Kliss

    Kotaku mentions recruiting Cyril and him specializing in Axe

  • thiefstaff

    originally i thought this was gonna be a great game, then initial reaction was disappointed. with more news coming out that it’s basically jugdral 2.0, i’ll get the game on the basis that it’s entertainment, but a belhalla academy side game would also be really fun.

  • Rey


  • Chazz Armän Flowers

    How is Petra considered a commoner?!

    • Brave Lady Lyn

      Probably from her treatment as a foreigner despite being a Noble Princess…

  • I still don’t know whether I should play as F!Byleth (Like I do for all my avatars) or M!Byleth (cause he’s just so hot that if I could, I would marry him)

    • Beegun

      F!Byleth will have a lot more romance options

  • Miley Kliss

    Saw some videos of the teachers being taught by Byleth. Its pretty cool.

  • Beegun

    Just a heads up since there’s a link to the gaymingsite, there’ll be only 3 same-sex romance options for M!Byleth. Linhardt, Alois and Gilbert. so that site is queerbaiting. Just don’t get your hopes up in romancing Claude as a male Byleth.

    • Tristan
      • Beegun

        Nope, all the insiders have confirmed that Linhardt, Alois and Gilbert are all you get as a gay male Byleth

        • Hauke von Arding

          Did the insiders played Claude’s route? If he is S Supportable most likely only in his own route. The insiders all played with Edelgard it seems.

          • Beegun

            Actually some played as female Byleth on the Golden Deer route, so we won’t get to see the male Byleth side of support list. So there’s still a tiny amount of hope left but don’t get your hopes up until it’s clarified.

            Most are disappointed by Alois and Gilbert reveal though. They’re the last thing they want to be romanceable.

          • Hauke von Arding

            So we have no male player as Golden Deer yet. Is Dimitri’s S Support on the list if you play as Female Golden Deer? If not, house leaders are only shown with S Support in their own route.

          • Beegun

            Dimitri pretty much debunked early on around E3 with a screenshot showing male Byleth support list for the blue lions. Only female blue lions can be S ranked with male Byleth

          • Hauke von Arding

            That’s not what I meant. If you play FEMALE Byleth and join Golden Deer… is Dimitri listed as S Rank? I’m pretty sure you can only S-Support the leaders if you join their house. Which would mean Claude only is listed as S-Support if you are a male Golden Deer member maybe.

          • Beegun

            There’s a menu in the title screen under EXTRAS that lists ALL of the supports and it shows that Claude and Male Byleth can only go to A.

    • Tristan

      Look his face, my gaydar is accurate on this one!

    • Shirogane95

      Why would you spoil the mood by bringing up that gaymingsite nonsense? Not only was the dude’s article pretty misleading but it’s also quite obvious the Reviewer was on the BE campaign (plus that image didnt even have all of the characters on it) , we still know nothing about the Lion & Deers supports. Lets wait a bit longer b4 spreading any of that half-baked info.

      • Beegun

        Wow chill, you getting paid by Nintendo? I put it up because the article put it up, and all the insiders that are playing the game has confirmed that Claude is for female Byleth only, including Thanibomb/the leaker herself on reddit!

        For Blue Lions support, there’s a screenshot right around E3 that shows all the support for male Byleth and only the female students can be S-ranked. So now all gay players and their grandmothers know DImitri isn’t romanceable to them lol.

        That’s why all their hope rests with Claude. And boy, last night was a rollercoaster.

        • Hauke von Arding

          Why should Claude be romancable in the Blue Lion route?

          • Beegun

            There’s a menu in the title screen under EXTRAS that lists ALL of the supports and it shows that Claude and Male Byleth can only go to A. Regardless of any house you pick, the list just differentiate if you pick a male or female Byleth.

          • Shirogane95

            You can say this all you want by all means. In the meantime I on the other hand will continue to wait for more solid info, thanks for the replies & all but I’m done here. Let’s agree to hope for the best at least.

        • Shirogane95

          1).Stop acting like I came @ you all irate bc I didn’t.
          2).How does me bringing up flaws with both the screenshot & article equals I’m a Nintenshill?
          3).Going off on just he said/she said stuff is irresponible as news poster like it or not, unless you have more physical or visual evidence of this besides that problematic 1st I can’t take what you say srsly until proven otherwise.

          Ppl are already looking for reasons to hate on this game so pls don’t fuel the fire with half-baked stuff is all I’m saying.

          • Beegun

            Because pretty much all the links that I’ve given show all the insiders agree on that one particular matter. And Thanibomb the “leaker ” herself shot down every Claude is bi comment on reddit.

            More info is getting out each passing day whether you like it or not. At this time, the ball’s in NoA’s court since they still yet to release the Golden Deer trailer

  • Tristan

    By the way did you all see the skyscraper in the opening ? I was like what, wait a second lol.

  • Duskool

    IGN has a video showing what they say is all the classes, and it does show what looks like another rank of classes. There are a few inconsistencies like Pegasus Knight and Wyvern rider shown next to each other or Lord being shown last. But the classes do look pretty cool.

  • Luna’s Umbreon

    So just to check there are no classes where you can have a mount (horse, pegasus, Wyvern) and do magic, correct? Maybe there will be a DLC class?

    • Pokenar

      Incorrect, the new Master Classes revealed have Dark Knight (reason horse) and Holy Knight (faith horse)

      • Luna’s Umbreon

        Oh! Thank you, I had not seen information on those classes yet.

  • Dawn Hewitt

    IGN released a video showing all the classes. It includes the elusive Master classes that we’ve all been speculating on.

  • Nico Ruby

    I also heard that there is new game plus though from one of the reviewers.