Heroes: New Power banner, Morgan BHB and banner, and more!

The latest Heroes to receive some new weapons and refines are now available as part of a New Power banner.

Luke: Rowdy Squire (Rowdy Sword), Roderick: Steady Squire (Steady Lance), Matthew: Faithful Spy (Spy’s Dagger), and Raigh: Dark Child (Hermit’s Tome) are able to be summoned as 5-Star focus Heroes. You can read more about their new weapons here.

The banner begins today and will come to an end on the 27th of July, 6:59am UTC.

As of yesterday, a new Bound Hero Battle had been released. You can now challenge yourself against the future children of Awakening’s master tactician: Morgan and Morgan!

The banner has Morgan: Lad from Afar, Morgan: Lass from Afar, and Robin: High Deliverer.

Complete all three difficulty levels of the BHB to earn up to 9 Orbs for yourself.

The banner and the Bound Hero Battle are available until the 24th of July, 6:59am UTC.

Let’s not forget that every Sunday is when the Weekly Revival banners switch out!

This week is Weekly Revival 6; you may put down your Orbs to summon for Lucina: Brave Princess, Julia: Naga’s Blood, and OG Lucina: Future Witness. The banners swap out every week, so you have until the 21st of July, 6:59am UTC to take advantage of this banner.

Finally, a new Rokkr Sieges is starting on the 16th of July, 11:00am UTC, and pre-registration is open now!

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