Heroes: Three Houses Heroes Trailer & S14 Mini-Acrylics

News about Fire Emblem Three Houses isn’t stopping, and now, it’s Fire Emblem Heroes’ turn to join in the fun. Today, the trailer for the upcoming New Heroes was dropped, featuring the “Big Three” and Female Byleth as the summonable four-some.

For those wondering where Male Byleth is, recall that his announcement earlier in the month was already posted, and featured him as a preorder bonus with FE Three Houses.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

They come with the new story chapter series, Cohort of the Dead, continuing the Hel-lish adventures by Alfonse and co. The banner and chapters drop on July 22. Additionally, the next Grand Hero Battle will kick off on August 3, and feature Kronya: Gleaming Blade. If you’re unsure of who she is, click here for the wiki entry.

Lastly, the next series of FE Heroes Mini Acrylics have been announced, with a distribution date in September of this year. The batch this time includes Yune, Lugh, Idunn, Sumia, Ranulf, Tibarn, Lethe, Velouria, Selkie and a mysterious bunny-ear’d cavalry unit. I wonder who it could be…

For more details on the unit skills, click Read More.


Edelgard: The Future a Green Axe Infantry

Voice: Tara Platt | Art: Suda Ayaka

  • Victorious Axe
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Accelerates Special Triggers (cooldown count -1). If the number of foes within 2 spaces (excluding target) is greater than or equal to the number of allies within 2 spaces (excluding unit), unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
  • Luna (3) [Special]
  • Atk/Def Solo 3 [A]
  • Dull Close 3 [B]
  • Rouse Atk/Def 3 [C]
    • At start of turn, if unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def +6 for 1 turn.

Dimitri: The Protector, a Blue Lance Cavalry

Voice: Chris Hackney | Art: Fujisaka Kimihiko

  • Noble Lance
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Grants Atk +3. At start of combat, if both unit’s and foe’s HP = 100% or if both unit’s and foe’s HP is less than 100%, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
  • Vengeance (3) [Special]
  • Death Blow 4 [A]
  • Lull Atk/Def 3 [B]
    • Inflicts Atk/Def -3 on foe and neutralizes foe’s bonuses to Atk/Def (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.

Claude: The Schemer, a Colorless Bow Cavalry

Voice: Joe Zieja | Art: Sata

  • Cunning Bow
    • 14 Mt | 2 Rng
    • Grants Spd +3. Effective against flying foes. When total bonuses on unit + total penalties on foe are greater than or equal to 10, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res -5 on foe during combat. (Ex: if unit has a +5 bonus and a -5 penalty, the calculated total will be 10.)
  • Glimmer (2) [Special]
  • Lull Spd/Def 3 [B]
    • Inflicts Spd/Def -3 on foe and neutralizes foe’s bonuses to Spd/Def (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.
  • Def Smoke 3 [C]

Byleth: Proven Professor, a Red Sword Infantry

Voice: Jeannie Tirado | Art: Hirooka Masaki

  • Creator Sword
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1). During combat, disables foe’s skills that guarantee foe’s follow-up attack or prevent unit’s follow-up attack, and neutralizes skills that grant “Special cooldown charge +X” to foe or inflicts “Special cooldown charge -X” on unit.
  • Ruptured Sky (2) [Special]
    • Boosts damage by 20% of foe’s Atk. If in combat against a dragon foe or beast foe, boosts damage by 40% instead of 20%.
  • Fury 4 [A]
  • Wrath 3 [B]
  • Even Atk Wave 3 [C]
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  • CombatMagi

    Won’t deny was hoping they would wait until the game came out but 4 days prior to stoke the hype isn’t bad.

  • 3-13 Archer

    Spends money to get these characters instead of the actual game.

  • Mason Klaus

    Well I know I’m gonna be spending orbs on this banner (I managed to get Lyn on the summer but she has terrible IVs in -SPD/+DEF, bleh gonna have to keep trying for a better one). I’m mostly gonna be gunning for F!Byleth cause her sword totally shuts down Bold, Vengeful, Guard and Null-Follow Up and her special is gonna be especially deadly towards beasts and dragons, she’s also gonna want to team up with Naga for maximum effect towards dragons. I imagine M!Byleth’s skill set is gonna be similar to his female counterpart when we get him. It sucks that her sword doesn’t have an innate distant counter since it has a ranged ability in the game.

    Claude is gonna be the other one I’m gonna try for as he doesn’t have much competition in terms of bow cavs which is four but two of those are colored (not to mention one is limited) so his only real competition is B!Lyn and I imagine he’s gonna have a slightly better statline than her and VA!Roy is limited. Also his line pretty much sold it for me, not to mention it was funny.

    Edelgard and Dimitri are not top priority but I’ll try getting them nonetheless as Edelgard is pretty much a axe version of Ephraim with her skillset and weapon’s ability and Dimitri’s weapon skill is pretty interesting. Although gonna have to change both his and Claude’s B skill cause they aren’t all that impressive and seem rather situational.

    Still overall a good banner.

  • SuperKamiNappa

    I feel like Sword of the creator should have distant counter built into it.