Three Houses: Final(?) Famitsu Preview (Recap, Early-game Guide & Interview)

Famitsu has shared a preview of their next–and biggest–Three Houses article, from their 8th & 15th August 2019 issue, which comes out on 25th July (in a couple of hours). They’ll be re-introducing the game’s key features, going over some of the early-game maps and there’s also an interview with directors Genki Yokota and Toshiyuki Kusakihara.

On top of that, the front cover for the magazine features a brand new illustration of the two protagonists (whoa, isn’t that impossible?) with all the students. Many thanks to Mapina-089 from Reddit for sharing! It’d be nice if they released a non-obscured version of it later…

Above are two tiny preview images from the article. The left one introduces the monastery occupants and the Black Eagles. I don’t think you should expect any new info from this, since it looks like it’s from the recap (they need to make up the 40 page count somehow!). Meanwhile, the right one is from the interview.

With the game arriving very soon–or in the case of some lucky or sneaky people, already arrived–we probably won’t focus on this Famitsu issue too much. I guess it’ll be nice to look at some of the maps and, of course, the interview should be interesting once it’s translated. But we’ll probably continue working on compiling the game data.

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  • My limited copy just shipped out, so I’ll expect it to arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately my Switch won’t be here until Friday at earliest which sucks.

    • Bepo Grubišić

      Who did you get the game from if I may ask?

      • Webhallen, Swedish retailer. I also got both the Fates and Echoes limited editions a few days before their release.

    • Ruri “Kuroneko” Gokō

      Same here. I’m so glad that there are only around sixteen hours left until I can finally play the game. These past few days were one hell of anticipation.

      • It’s going to be even more of a tease for me having the game and being unable to play it. I doubt the gameplay will hold a candle to Conquest but hopefully it will be better than the other 3DS games at least.

  • CombatMagi

    I wanna play it so bad but it’s probably not going to arrive until the release date. Be nice if it was today or tomorrow but I don’t think I’m that lucky.

  • Brave Lady Lyn

    This will very likely be one of my favoritists game of all time almost there in my hands!!!