Three Houses is Officially Out in Japan and Australia, etc.!

It’s 26th July in the easternmost parts of the world, which means Fire Emblem Three Houses has officially been released! Of course, those of us in Europe and North America will have to wait a tiny bit longer before we can play.

As you may know, over the past couple of months, we’ve been closely keeping up with all the pre-release coverage. Today, that journey has come to an end, but the real journey begins now!

Starting from now, we’ll be working hard to gather all kinds of useful information for our Three Houses section. At the moment, the section is a little bit bare as you’d expect. But at our current pace, there should be plenty of content available before most of you finish the game!

Especially since we had a little head-start as well…

Needless to say, if you find any of the information useful, please do share with your friends! In any case, we hope you enjoy Three Houses or whatever life brings you~

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  • Rift Celestia Aquarius

    Thank you for all your hard work, Vincent. And the same to everyone else working behind the scenes.

  • soraalcard

    Just 5 hours till the store opens and i can get my hands on it then i can spend hours figuring out a fraction of what ill learn from you all by this time next week. Keep being awesome.

  • Iratana

    Time to avoid youtube.

    • fritz freak

      yea good luck with that buddy …

      • Iratana

        Don’t need luck, it’s more than feasible, at least for me it is.

        • fritz freak

          with that kind of answer you will definitely stumble upon a spoiler guaranteed !

          • Iratana

            Well it looks like you were dead wrong, but that’s not too surprising.

  • fritz freak


  • Daniel Smith

    Thank you mate!