Heroes: New Prf weapons and refines to come!

Today’s Heroes update gives us a bit of insight towards the next batch of Prf and weapon refines.

Lute gets a new refine for her Warding Tome, while Hawkeye, OG Fredrick and Virion receive new weapons with refines in the Guardian’s Axe, Frederick’s Axe, and Dignified Bow, respectively.

These weapons are going to be available early on in October, so keep an eye out for more details on these weapons upon their release.

Also today: New Special Quests: Lance Arts Quests!

Bring your lance-wielders into battle to pick up 4 Orbs, Crystals, Shards, and Arena Medals. The quests come to an end on the 11th of October, 6:59am UTC.

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • Nicholas Antônio

    Lute..didn’t need it, but I’ll take it.
    On the other hand..
    Virion and Hawkeye?

    Frederick should be cool too, although he ain’t that bad.

    • Daniel Smith

      I still use Frederick to this day… he was part of my original horse emblem when it was still op…

      I would argue with tier lists about his relevancy… but yeah, he is really good and I’m thrilled he is getting a weapon.