Heroes: New Heroes (Desert Mercenaries) arrives, brings Ross into pool and Cormag into GHB status

The next Heroes banner has been announced, and it features our gang from Magvel, in New Heroes (Desert Mercenaries).

Ephraim comes in as the next Duo Hero, toting Lyon by his side. His Duo skill appears to increase the movement of adjacent (or all) allies that are not mounted by 1, which compliments Ephraim’s new Reginleif lance, which in itself, is quite the doozy of a lance.

Conveniently, his stats are revealed, so we can tell that he’s sitting on a hefty 39 Atk with which to really capitalize on his other new skill, Heavy Blade 4.

Finally, there are two other heroes to cover. The long-awaited Cormag: (a Lance Flier), is the next GHB unit; meanwhile, Ross: His Father’s Son, a Green Axe Infantry wielding a Brave Axe, joins the crew as the next non-focus 3/4 star hero.

That said, while Ross sticks around indefinitely, Ephraim+Lyon, and the rest of the crew, are available in the New Heroes banner from November 7 until November 28, so there’s plenty of time to add some Magvelian Mayhem to your roster.


All artwork can be found courtesy of 4Gamer.

Tethys: Beloved Dancer, a Colorless Dagger Infantry

Voice: Jennifer Losi | Artist: tokki

  • The Cleaner+
  • Dance (Assist)
  • Spd/Res Bond 3 (A)
  • Dagger Exp. 3 (C)

Gerik: Desert TIger, a Green Axe Infantry:

Voice: Nathaniel Lane | Artist: Suekane Kumiko

  • Firesweep Axe+
    • 15 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Unit and foe cannot counterattack
  • Moonbow [2] (Special)
  • Darting Blow 4 (A)
  • Sudden Panic 3 (B)
  • Infantry Pulse 3 (C)

Ewan: Eager Student, a Red Mage Infantry

Voice: Andrew Buck | Artist: azu-taro

  • Raudrserpent+
    • 12 Mt | 2 Rng
    • If foe initiates combat and uses bow, dagger, magic or staff, grants Def/Res +6 during combat.
  • Glacies [4] (Special)
  • Swift Stance 2 (A)
  • Sabotage Spd 3 (B)
    • At start of turn, if any foe’s Res is less than or equal to another unit’s Res -3 and that foe is adjacent to another foe, inflicts Spd -7 on foe through its next action.

Ephraim (and Lyon): Dynastic Duo, a Blue Lance Infantry

Voice: Greg Chun ( + Mark P. Whitten) | Artist: Yamada Korato

41 HP | 58 Atk (39 without his weapon) | 30 Spd | 37 Def | 25 Res

  • Reginleif
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Effective against armored and cavalry foes.
    • Grants Atk +3.
    • If unit’s Atk is greater than foe’s Atk and/or extra movement granted by another skill is active on unit, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
  • Draconic Aura [3] (Special)
  • Heavy Blade 4 (A)
    • If unit’s Atk is greater than foe’s Atk, grants Special cooldown charge +1 and deals +5 damage to foe per unit’s attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)
  • Lull Atk/Def 3 (B)
  • Odd Atk Wave 3 (C)
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  • Big Klingy

    While I was annoyed at another Ephriam at first, he’s a Duo so that’s fine I guess. Glad to see the others here. Gerik is one of my favourite Mercenaries in the series, and I totally called Tethys using daggers if she was ever in Heroes. Like Ewan’s voice, too.

    • Mason Klaus

      You know technically speaking, this is also a Lyon alt even though he’s more like a permanent “pair up” for Ephraim like kid Lillina is to Halloween Hector.

  • Lloyd21

    Ghast will be happy to see his boy finally being added to heroes XD

  • Mason Klaus

    This is a good banner, I’m really glad that IS/Nintendo are moving away from Awakening/Fates for a little while since those two have had so much attention lately. Not that I’m saying thats a bad thing, more like its annoying how much attention they’ve gotten compared to the other games.

    • mrkisukes

      Um, they’ve moved away from Awakening and Fates for a while now. In 2019, there’s been one dedicated Awakening banner, and two Fates banner (Jan and Feb btw). There has also been 5 Fates heroes added in a non-Fates dedicated set.

      If anything, Telius has been getting the most attention with 3 dedicated banners, and 6 heroes added in non-dedicated sets. Granted, two of those banners were adding beast units, but so was one of Fates’s.

      So maybe don’t complain about a non-issue?

      • Mason Klaus

        I meant over the entirety of the game as a whole. Up till now Fates had the most characters with Camilla having the most alts (and she still does thanks to her getting her brave alt recently).

        • mrkisukes

          You said “those two had so much attention lately” which implies recency, when the opposite is true. Lately the attention has predominately been on the other games. Also, Lyn is tied with Camilla for most alts, they both have 6 total versions in the game.

          • Mason Klaus

            This year yes thats true but the last two years have been nearly all of Awakening and Fates. And Lyn is not tied with Camilla for alts, Camilla has one more than Lyn therefore having the most alts at 7. I think you forgot to count one amongst Camilla’s alts plus her normal self and if you aren’t counting either Camilla or Lyn’s normal self then Camilla STILL has more at 6 to Lyn’s 5. Lets see here, for Lyn counting her normal self she has Bride, Valentine, Brave, Legendary and Summer meanwhile Camilla has along with her normal self, Spring, that Dream self which honestly I’m not sure what to title her as, Summer, New Years, Hot Springs and Brave.

          • mrkisukes

            Yeah, you’re right about Camilla alts, I miss counted.

            “Last two years,” hasn’t the game only be out for like 2 year and a half? Can I not go a single month without seeing someone unironically complain about Awakening/Fates characters? Since the second year of FEH, Elibe has been getting more attention, and Telius in year 3.

          • Mason Klaus

            This is the internet, you’ll always see someone bitching about something no matter what. I did say that Awakening/Fates getting characters in wasn’t a bad thing just annoying favoritism before this year and I’m honestly just happy IS/Nintendo are gonna put them on the back burner for a little bit thats all.

  • Only really want Gerik from this banner, but since Cormag will be free I think I’ll just skip it entirely. L’Arachel and Marisa went off with all my orbs anyway.

  • Snail Racer

    Hey, everyone. Here’s important info about Ephraim (and Lyon):

    The Dynastic Duo will most likely only be available for limited periods of time. In other words, they most likely won’t permanently be added to the summoning pool after this banner ends. Yes, really! (I was shocked to know that, too!) If you don’t believe me, then read the fine print near the end of the video. It seems that all Duo Heroes will get the Special/Legendary/Mythic Hero treatment. (Tethys, Gerik, Ewan, and Ross will be permanently available, though.)

  • hahaha no

    imma hold off from this banner the Halloween L’Arachel stole my orbs