Fire Emblem Cipher Autumn 2019 Livestream!

This past weekend, Ryota Kawade and Kubocchan hosted the Fire Emblem Cipher Autumn 2019 Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! Voice Actors Hidenori Takahashi (Dedue, Owain/Odin, and Valjean) and Juri Nagatsuma (Dorothea) also joined in guests.

This stream gave us a good look at many new cards from the upcoming December set, “The Holy Flames of Sublime Heaven“, which features cards and characters from Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War. We also got to see some more art for next March’s set as well.

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Series 19 – Three Houses Cards

Series 19 will be the second set to feature cards and characters from 3H. This time around, the set is specifically focused on the characters from the Black Eagles house. Thus, as you might expect, Edelgard takes centre stage, along with an alternate art SR+ card!

Hubert and Dorothea from the Black Eagles also appear. Furthermore, to match Male Byleth’s appearance in S18, Female Byleth is the main avatar character for this set. She also gets an SR card, this time featuring her exclusive Enlightened One class. You can see the signed version of this card above.

The set, however, is not entirely for characters supporting the Adrestian Empire. Dimitri and Claude both appear as R cards in intermediate classes.

Additionally, characters who did not appear in S18 come out this set, such as Sylvain, Cyril, Flayn, and Sothis. The latter two have received ST or Promo cards, but the first two are entirely new to Cipher.

Lastly, Male Byleth will also be appearing in the set, but only as an exclusive HR card.

Series 19 – Genealogy Cards

The second half of the set is focused on Genealogy. Seliph is the leading Lord this time around, with both his Cost 1 and a new SR card shown off live.

The main focus of the FE4 cards is the strength of family ties. This is represented beautiful in this HR card. Although the card is technically just for Sigurd, it shows him together with Deirdre and baby Seliph.

Like many Genealogy sets, the cards are split between characters from both generations of the game. From the first generation, we get Arden, Aideen, Dew, Midir, Deirdre, Chulainn, and Lewyn. Of these, Lewyn also gets a gorgeous SR card!

From the second generation, we get Larcei, Julia, and Ced.

Series 19 – Booster Box Goodies & Release Promos

Kawade also took the time to show off some of the goodies that will be coming out with S19. Booster boxes will each contain a preview promo, a marker card, and some pixel sleeves. The preview promos are for Male Corrin and Micaiah, but feature collages of artwork with multiple lords from both Fates and Radiant Dawn respectively.

The marker cards feature promo-specific artwork of Witch Corrin and Christmas Lilina with special borders. The promo sleeves feature pixel artwork for Edelgard and Seliph.

Additionally, S19 will be having another Notebook release promo, similar to S18. This time, the notebooks feature Male Byleth, Female Byleth, and Sothis. You get one random, sealed notebook for each booster box you buy!

Series 20 – Title & Art

Towards the end of the stream, we got some more news and art for next March’s set! S20’s official title is “The Guiding Hand of Dawn” and it features cards and characters from Fates and Radiant Dawn.

Take a look below at our gallery of artwork from the set so far! We should get to see more artwork for this set in December’s stream, with further news next year.

Comiket News & Closing

One last bit of important news from this stream is official confirmation the Fire Emblem Cipher is coming to this winter’s Comiket! Attendees who visit the Cipher booth will get this exclusive Sothis promo.

We’ll get more news, including pictures of special Comiket merch, over the next month. For now, Kawade, Kubocchan, and our guests have signed off with an enthusiastic “Ichi! Ni! Cipher!”

Our hosts will be back in less than a month for the S19 Pre-Release Stream on 7 December. In the meantime, we’ll keep getting our daily reveals via Twitter!

Much thanks to Auroraskye and ThePrinceOfIris for providing the caps I used in this album!

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