Heroes: Voting Gauntlet banners and new Tap Battle active now!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings us two new banners to pull from featuring units participating in the upcoming Voting Gauntlet, and a new Tap Battle to rhythmically tap your way through.

The units on focus are Hawkeye, OG Dorcas, and Effie on one, and Barst, Mordecai, and OG Helbindi on the other. That’s a lot of green! The new banners are available from today until the 5th of December 6:59am UTC.

The new Tap Battle is titled “Driven to Madness” featuring the newest Heroes as bosses.

Earn Orbs and new accessories for completing the stages.and the quests.

The event is available from today until the 16th of December 6:59am UTC.

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