Heroes: Trailer for New Mythic Hero: Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade + Haar GHB Revival

A new Mythic Hero is swooping her way into Fire Emblem Heroes! Say hello to Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade! Altina is a hero from the past of Tellius, eventually going on to form the country of Begnion. Check out here introductory trailer below. You can also hit the “Read More” button below for a text breakdown of her skills.

Of course, many other awesome heroes will also be joining Altina in this new banner. Here’s the full list:

  • Red: Altina, Legendary Marth, Sothis
  • Blue: Fjorm, Legendary Tiki, Legendary Julia
  • Green: Legendary Lyn, Yarne, Summer Laevatein
  • Colorless: Duma, Bride Fjorm, Summer Gunnthrá

The banner and battle for Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade begin tomorrow, 28 November.

Additionally, the Grand Hero Battle for Haar: Black Tempest also makes a return to Heroes! If you didn’t beat him before, now’s the time. Both newcomers and veterans can also complete special quests to earn more Orbs an an extra copy of Haar.

Haar’s GHB Revival will be around for about a week, ending on 4 December.

Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade:
  • Ragnell•Alondite (Sword, Mt 10): Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. Inflicts Spd-5. Unit attacks twice (even if foe initiates combat).
  • Twin Blades (Special): Boosts damage by 40% of unit’s Res. Disables non-Special skills that “reduce damage by X%”.
  • Ashera’s Chosen (A slot): Neutralizes “effective against flying” bonuses. If unit is adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or if unit is not adjacent to any ally, grants Atk/Def+6 during combat.
  • Vantage 3 (B slot): If unit’s HP ≤ 75% and foe initiates combat, unit can counterattack before foe’s first attack.
  • Atk/Def Oath 3 (C slot): At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+5 for 1 turn.
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • CombatMagi

    Dammit I really want to pull but all I got is 50 orbs

    • Diovani Estivalet

      The banner ends on December 4th, so there are a lot of orbs to get: MHB orbs, TT Log-in, New Heroes Log-in, VG Log-in, Arena, Allegiance Battles (this season is orbs the rewards), Tap Battle, weekend orbs, VG orbs, December Orbs… Maybe you can get them all and summon in the last day of the banner.

      Either way, good luck!

  • Mason Klaus

    Nice, I’m definitely gonna be trying for Altina since I already have her descendant Sanaki as well as her “successors” to Ragnell and Alondite Ike (both normal and Legendary), Zelgius/Black Knight. Her being a flying unit kind of caught me off guard cause I didn’t notice what type she was until I read her personal skill and had to double check. XD

    Definitely gonna try getting all the red orb characters but I’m gonna be try for another L!Lyn cause my current one has absolute crap for IVs in -SPD/+Def, bleh. I’m also gonna try for another L!Kid Tiki cause she’s -Atk/+SPD which is just as bad as Lyn’s terrible IVs.

  • Nicholas Antônio

    I wonder if she’s going to be a slow trueblade..
    Would be the funniest thing one of the, if not the most, faster classes of the franchise.