Cipher S19 Weekly Recap: Last Week of Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 19 releases in less than a week! As such, the @fecipher team has been ramping up the reveals. This week culminated in a reveal of a very gorgeous joined-art panorama of SR+ cards featuring Seliph and Julia! Seliph and Julia will also appear in different art SR cards in this set, but we haven’t seen them yet.

Sothis and Larcei also joined the SR club this week! Additionally, Sothis gets a special SR+ card with a signature from her Japanese VA, Tomoyo Kurosawa. You can see both characters here along with lower cost cards.

The final reveals of the week contain two R cards, one for Julius and one for Marianne. Marianne starts off as a Monk but promotes into Pegasus Knight.

We’ll get to see even more cards with tomorrow’s Pre-Release Livestream! Illustrator Senri Kita will be joining as a special guest, alongside Toshiyuki Toyonaga (VA for Claude, Eri Suzuki. As usual, Kawade and Kubocchan will be hosting the show. Kitanishi is also scheduled to appear, likely with upcoming event news.

Visit the stream page on the official site for links if you’d like to watch along live. Otherwise, we’ll post a summary with screencaps of the new cards and any other exciting news next week. It won’t be long before the set comes out now!

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  • PharaohMoan

    I really like the joined art. It features all of the Gen 2 kids. Interesting how Lene of all people got more of a body shot. I wonder why…