Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 97

During the Fire Emblem Cipher Series 19 pre-release livestream, the Cipher team showcased the exclusive merchandise that will be available at Comiket 97 in Japan.

For reference, Comiket 97 will be held during 28th to 31st December 2019 at the Tokyo Big Sight. It’s the place for Japanese anime and gaming fans to convene. The Cipher booth is No. 1242, located in the corporate area of the Aomi Exhibition Hall.

After the livestream ended, the Comiket 97 page on the official Cipher website was updated with full details of all the merchandise. Previously, there was a list of merchandise, but no images. Below, you’ll find all of the important information in English!

Fan Boxes – 5,000 Yen each

These are luxurious collector’s boxes, geared towards Cipher fans. There are two versions (green or red), which contain the same type of items, but different designs.

Both boxes include the box itself, a postcard book, exclusive domiterior (a type of rectangular acrylic keyring), exclusive promotional card, storage box, card stand, set of calendar cards, set of special marker cards and colour campus bag.

The green fan box has an exclusive female Byleth domiterior and promotional card, plus special marker cards of female Byleth, Dimitri, Sothis and Seteth.

Meanwhile, the red one has an exclusive Edelgard domiterior and promotional card, plus special marker cards of male Byleth, Edelgard, Claude and Flayn.

The art used for the exclusive female Byleth and Edelgard goodies appears to be based on their casual attire. For a better look at their artwork, keep reading!

Below are some pics of the fan box (so you can see their size) and pages from the postcard book (Marth and female Corrin).

Sing and Play; Heroic ABCs – 5,000 Yen

This is a set of karuta, a Japanese card game where somebody reads a verse and you have to quickly located the matching card. It’s similar to the Hundred Song of Heroes released way back, but featuring Cipher artwork.

Included is a cute Falchion USB memory stick, which features verse readings from Roy’s Japanese voice actor.

Play Mats – 3,500 Yen each

These are play mats that you can use to play Cipher, other card games or just to show off. There are two versions: “The Advance of All Heroes” and “Sothis”.

Domiterior with Keychain – 500 Yen each

These are highly collectable keyrings that you can also stand up. There are 15 designs, all of characters from Three Houses.

  • Top row: Male Byleth, female Byleth, Sothis, Edelgard, Dorothea, Ferdinand von Aegir and Bernadetta.
  • Bottom row: Dimitri, Felix, Sylvain, Ingrid, Claude, Lorenz, Hilda and Lysithea.

Fair warning, they are blind-bagged.

B2 Double Suede Tapestry – 4,000 Yen each

Got some boring-looking walls? These hanging wall scrolls could bring some colour to them! There are 5 designs: female Byleth, Edelgard, Ike, Sigurd (with Deirdre) and Tiki (plus dragon friends).

The artwork for female Byleth and Edelgard is from their Fan Box exclusive promotional cards.

Full Zip Parker – 6,500 Yen

There’s a real lack of Fire Emblem merchandise that you can wear, so it’s cool when they try to fix that. On the left is the back design, while on the right is the front design. You can’t see it here, but there’s a Cipher logo on the sleeves as well.

Stainless Thermos Bottle – 2,500 Yen each

Or do you prefer something you might actually use? On the left is the “white” design, while on the right is the “black” design.

A3 Extra Large Acrylic Panel (The Advance of All Heroes) – 10,000 Yen

Here’s something if you really want to break the bank! This is a gigantic acrylic card themed after Series 17, featuring a host of Fire Emblem protagonists.

Illustration Books (Art Works 17 and 18) – 2,000 Yen each

These are somewhat thin, glossy art books featuring artwork from Series 17 (left) and Series 18 (right).

Promotional Card

Last but not least, all purchases at the Cipher booth come with an exclusive Sothis promotional card. It’s one card per transaction and available until stocks last. This is, of course, the same artwork featured in the play mat.

(Special thanks to @theprinceofiris for identifying the Seteth marker card and suggesting an awesome name for the karuta set!)

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