Cipher S19 Pre-Release Livestream: New S19 Cards, S20 Art, & S21 Announcement!

This past Saturday, Ryota Kawade and Kubbochan hosted the Cipher S19 Pre-Release Livestream live over YouTube and NicoNico! Voice actors Eri Suzuki and Toshiyuki Toyonaga, and also illustrator Senri Kita, joined in as guests.

The group had fun opening packs and looking at all of the new and exciting cards in the next set, which releases this week on 12 December. The Holy Flames of Sublime Heaven contains cards and characters from both Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War.

Furthermore, the stream also contained news and art for upcoming sets. We also got first look at this winter’s Comiket merchandise! VincentASM already covered the Comiket news here, but hit the “Read More” button below to take a look at the other cards and art.

New S19 Cards

The main focus of the stream was to open packs and look at new cards from the set. This includes many new cards that have yet to be revealed! From Three Houses, we got to see new cards for Alois, Catherine, F!Byleth, Lysithea, and Petra.

Of these, Petra is the only new foil, snagging an R card. Alois and Catherine are also new characters, now confirmed to be making their Cipher debut.

The remaining new cards from the stream are from Genealogy, the other half of the set. Here we got new cards for Asaello, Daisy, Eldigan, Jamke, Julia, Lana, Larcei, Manfroy, and Sigurd.

Here, both of the substitute children are new, just now making their Cipher debut, as is Manfroy. Additionally, Jamke is confirmed as the 6th and final Jugdrali SR card! We also get two variant SR cards here, Julia showing off her normal SR and Larcei her alternate art SR+. Previously, we’d only seen the SR+ art for Julia and the normal SR art for Larcei.

In addition to regular FE characters, Kawade also showed off two new cards for Nieve, one of the Cipher mascots, this stream. Here she appears as a tome-wielding yellow card.

Lastly, we also got our first look at the S19 Tournament Promos for this set! Check them out below.

Anna and Lachesis are both new cards, unique to tournament promo packs. Meanwhile, Takumi, Arden, Marth, and Edelgard are reprints of existing cards. The art pieces for Takumi and Arden are based on their Heroes appearances.

S20 Art & S21 Announcement

Towards the end of the stream, we also got more news and art for upcoming Cipher sets!

S21, titled The Guiding Hand of Dawn, now has an official release date: 19 March, 2020. It will contain cards based on characters from Fire Emblem Fates and also the two Tellius games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Furthermore, we also got to see many new pieces of art  for the set, including some interesting characters and reclasses! Here’s the full art gallery:

Finally, the stream closed with an official announcement for S21, our early summer set. As expected, this set will see a return to Three Houses, this time with a shared focus on the Blue Lions and Golden Deer paths. The remaining cards will be from the Elibean games, Binding Blade and Blazing Sword, and Heroes, with a focus on new Book 4 characters.

With that, the news from the stream comes to a close. S21 releases in just a couple days on 12 December, and we’ll have a full article for the set up around then.

Much thanks to Auroraskye for the screencaps!

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  • Oh look, working on unique reclasses and we still don’t seem to have Vanguard Mist incoming. Also gosh dangit 3H, now I’m going to have to save for S21 only to get a bunch of 3H crap instead of the Elibe things I’ll actually want.

    • Kirie

      This is why I’m seriously considering switching to buying singles instead of boxes for some sets. S19 is perfect for me because Genealogy and 3H are two of my favourite games, but I’m seriously over Fates and will be skipping S20 and instead buying singles for Tellius cards that I want. Sometimes the combos are good, but sometimes it’s just too much depending on the titles offered.