Heroes: Tempest Trials+ “Mid-fest Digest” Beginning Soon

We have official details for first Tempest Trials+ event of 2020. Mid-fest Digest will begin after the daily rollover on 3rd January 2020 (UTC) and run until the next rollover on 14th January 2020.

This time, Summoners can look forward to obtaining an exclusive 4/5-star Special Hero, Eir: Renewed Life (Red Dagger Flier). In addition, the following Sacred Seals are up for grabs: Swift Sparrow 1, Spd Feint 1 and HP/Def 1.

If you want to prepare, here are the Bonus Heroes that will boost your score. They include the four new Special Heroes arriving on 1st January: New Year’s Alfonse (Duo), Anna, Lethe and Selkie. Plus Eir from the Tempest Trials, Ranulf and the normal versions of Lethe and Selkie.

Don’t have any of those Heroes? No problem, you can grind until you get Eir (which shouldn’t take long, for the 4-star version at least). But if you’re feeling lucky, there’s currently a summoning banner featuring normal Lethe, Selkie and Ranulf.

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