Heroes: New Year’s Special Heroes & Celebrations Aplenty!

Happy New Year! We hope 2020 treats you well! Currently, there’s a party going on in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The main highlight is the arrival of the “Renewed Spirit” banner, which brings us New Year’s versions of Alfonse (and Sharena), Anna, Selkie and Lethe. This is accompanied by a new set of Paralogue maps and corresponding quests.

To assist Summoners, there’s a log-in bonus that awards up to 13 Orbs by logging in for 10 days. On top of that, there’s another log-in bonus that gives up to 5 First Summon Tickets for the “Renewed Spirit” banner.

In addition to the new banner, the New Year’s banners from the previous 2 years are making a re-appearance. As a reminder, the Special Heroes from Year 1 include Takumi, Camilla and Azura, while the Year 2 ones are Laevatein, Gunnthra, Hrid and Fjorm.

To encourage Summoners, there are “New Year!” quests where you can obtain 5 First Summon Tickets for each of these banners (for a total of 10 tickets). Plus, if you like decorating, there are Aether Raids quests that yield currency to build a Year’s Entry Decor, Red Wood Lantern and Year’s Festival Gate.

Lastly, some exclusive bundles have been added to the in-game Shop: New Year’s Orb Pack, New Year’s Songstress Pack (includes 1x New Year’s Azura), New Year’s Valkyrie Pack (includes 1x New Year’s Lethe) and New Year’s Foxkit Pack (includes 1x New Year’s Selkie).

In other news, the “Kingdoms vs. Empires” Voting Gauntlet is now on-going. Also, don’t forget that the next Tempest Trials+ event will be starting in two day’s time, in case you need more Orbs!

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