Heroes: Version 4.1.0 Update Coming Soon, Tempest Trials+ Now Available & New Year’s Skit

Fire Emblem Heroes will be receiving its first version update of the year during early January. Version 4.1.0 brings new weapon refinery options, more things to buy or level up, plus some minor fixes and adjustments.

Let’s begin with the highlight! The new weapon refines will apply to:

  • Cordelia’s Lance (new weapon skill) for Cordelia: Knight Paragon.
  • Rebecca’s Bow (new weapon skill) for Rebecca: Wildflower.
  • Corvus Tome (new weapon skill) for Henry: Twisted Mind.
  • Light Brand for Leif: Prince of Leonster.

Elsewhere, the Dark Shrine (O) and Dark Shrine (D) Aether Raids structures will have their level cap increased to 5.

Meanwhile, the Concert Hall in the Aether Resort will be blessed with three new songs: “Silesse Castle Town” (from Genealogy of the Holy War), “Young Warriors” (from Path of Radiance) and “As Fierce as Fire” (from Three Houses).

As mentioned previously, Igrene’s Guardian Bow skill will be adjusted. After the update, the Speed check will apply both before and during combat. If the attacker and defender both have the Guardian Bow, the attacker’s Speed check will apply first.

10 compensation Orbs will be given out between the daily rollovers on 9th January and 23rd January (UTC). Presumably we’ll be getting Version 4.1.0 on 9th January or around then.

Furthermore, Cormag: Aloof Lanceman and Brunnya: Devoted General will be added to the Heroic Grails shop.

Lastly, some miscellaneous game improvements:

  • In-game and push notifications will be sent when the Battle Ballot is fully restored during a Voting Gauntlet event.
  • Descriptions of Heroes from active summoning events will appear in loading screens.
  • “Minor issues” related to the Mjolnir’s Strike event will be addressed.

In other news, the Mid-fest Digest Tempest Trails+ event is now underway! Go grab yourself a New Year’s version of Eir, some nifty Sacred Seals and, of course, Orbsssss.

Also related to the New Year, Nintendo shared a cute little video featuring Alfonse and Sharena teaching Peony about the cultures of Japan, er… Hoshido. Or trying their best anyway!

In case you missed it, there’s currently a Skills banner featuring Heroes with Brazen skills. The Heroes with boosted rate are Adrift Mikoto, Ares and Fallen Tiki.

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