Three Houses Becomes “Four Houses” When “Cindered Shadows” DLC Story Arrives on 13th February 2020*

Byleth getting invited into Smash wasn’t the only big news today! Nintendo also surprised fans with a trailer for Wave 4 of the Three Houses DLC, featuring the new “Cindered Shadows” side story.

In this new story, you’ll join forces with four members of the Ashen Wolves, the secret fourth house living in the Abyss below Garreg Mach Monastery. From the looks of things, members of this house are rejects from society.

By progressing through this side story, you can recruit the new characters–Balthus, Yuri, Constance and Hapi–to the main story, while unlocking new classes, paralogues and activities.

Also, during the side story, it looks like you can use all three three House Leaders alongside other impossible recruits (like Hilda fighting alongside Edelgard!).

Cindered Shadows will be available for Expansion Pass owners from 13th February 2020* (UTC).

* 12th February 2020 (PST).

For more details and screenshots, please keep reading!


Balthus is a new male character who seems to enjoy fighting with Gauntlets. He has a new hero’s relic called Vajra-Mushti, which seems to grant a new Combat Art–Pneuma Gale–that can apparently attack enemies from range.

From the data-mined information, we can deduce he belongs to a new Gauntlet wielding class that can also wield Axes and Faith Magic decently well.

Yuri is the second male character, although he’s a bit more androgynous. All signs point to him sporting a new Trickster class, which has a very similar design to its Awakening incarnation.

I don’t think you can see it here, but in the data-mine, Yuri has a hero’s relic that’s a Ring.

Of the lot, Constance probably looks the most like a disgraced noble. To further cement this theory, she seems to have lines in the data-mine suggesting that she’s from House Nuvelle in the Adrestian Empire.

Later, you can see Constance in a new flying mage class, reminiscent of the Dark Flier class. There’s a decent chance they’re one and the same. Of note, the data-mine suggests that this class is locked to females.

Finally, we have Hapi, who doesn’t seem too happy (sorry!) to be here. She’s another spell-caster like Constance, except she seems to prefer a regular house and not a flying one. Her class also appears to be new and it may be locked to females as well.

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  • yop

    I was prepared to wait another month for a reveal. Still need to beat last 3 chapters of maddening for that title screen

  • Doggy Poo

    These guys seem very out of place… fittingly… but Three Houses has surprised me before.

  • nainelaine

    yuri and balthus are so beautiful its ridiculous.. they are a great addition to the cast!!! im sooo exciteddd

  • Arachnofiend

    IntSys I am BEGGING you to let me be gay with Constance oh my god

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I don’t know they could do half and half for both genders Yuri honestly screams an option we’ll see if that continues here.

      • Markus Schmidt

        wasn’t there some data mine about it being true for Yuri? I would have preferred Balthus for some diversity in types, yet, romances have such a small impact in this title anyway so I’m fine. Still happy about these characters!!

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Hmm….never heard about that part if true I can see why lol at least we’ll find out pretty soon!

      • Mikazuki’s Bitch

        Datamine says it’s only Yuri, which makes sense as he’s based off of a character from a previous Fire Emblem game that was gay(?) I believe instead of bisexual. Leon from Fire Emblem Echoes at least appearance wise.

        There being another same sex love interest for male Byleth makes sense as female Byleth already had more than him and more s-supports overall. It’s good that they’re giving him a chance to kind of catch up by making the new girls and one of the guys for him. It would be cool if he could S-support Balthus too but can’t win them all I guess.

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Yeah better balance, not every character has to be glorified to Bi because they’re an Avatar character and give more to Male Byleth for those that want more same S Supports for him.

    • Kikoken

      Constance is straight, according to DeathChaos25. Yuri goes both ways though

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I really hope these guys have timeskip designs to see if they went an extra mile for them. Definitely going for Constance she’s so pretty and want to know her!

    • Kikoken

      Could be wrong, but it’s very possible that they have timeskip design changes.

      This is weird evidence but if you look at the Three Houses Female Generic Class Model Chest Size Modifier list, Constance has 2 values listed for her chest size (in part 1 of the game vs. part 2).

      All other characters with 2 listed values also have timeskip design changes. And all characters with only 1 value listed have no such design changes (Byleth, Manuela, Shamir, Catherine, Flayn, and Anna).

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Ooh neat can’t wait!!!!

  • Bcardia

    Damn, this is coming out right in the middle of my exams.
    Looks cool, but the whole “super-secret fourth house living in the school underground all the time” thing sounds kinda dumb. They better have a good explanation for this.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      They probably will don’t worry!

    • Mikazuki’s Bitch

      Sounds like something out of a fan fiction but then again so does a lot of the games writing lol

  • Reuska

    Anyone else is getting Vampire Night flashbacks with the day classes wearing black uniforms and the hidden, night classes wearing white? xD

    Anyway, I am curious about these new guys but I’m not really fan of the white-violet combo. Especially with exposed skin of Hapi and Balthus + Hapi’s extra saturated pink hair. Yuri and Constance designs are top++++. I hope we get another Maribelle quality in the girl ♥

    • Nathan Bisbo

      the sega capcom light gun game?

      • I think they meant Vampire Knight. It’s an anime that came out over 10 years ago.

  • Old Man Gamer

    So, then, does it make more sense to complete the second play-through I’m on now (chapter 7) and start up a third for this DLC or wait for this, play the DLC, and then move forward?

    • Miley Kliss

      I’m in the same boat for my playthrough too. I think I’ll just wait to finish it after this releases.

    • Complete it. My personal guess is that this DLC will be an alternate route that replaces the entire first half of the game.

    • Druplesnubb

      This releases in about a month, so I would advise you to finish unless you want to wait until then.

    • Kikoken

      Keep playing! You can finish it by the 12th. I’m on my 5th playthrough right now and I’m gonna keep going too.

  • erickmojojojo

    Isnt the Japan title is Moon Cloud Wind Snow or something anyway not Three Houses?

  • SuperKamiNappa

    It looks like the new classes are
    War Monk – I don’t think any pre-existing character would benefit from that. Maybe Hilda but only because she doesn’t have a Master Class for her canon class line
    Trickster – We don’t have a master class for thieves and I both Petra and Ignatz wouldn’t mind practicing faith.
    Dark Flier – Great for Marianne, Flayn, and Ingrid
    Valkyrie? – I hope this is gender neutral. We really need a proper master class for healers.

  • bunny carrots

    Wowzers. Constance is really getting into that make-up brush.
    I’m also enraged that there is no Bi females.
    Yet so happy that there is at least one Bi male In this DLC.